Toby and Harper

For the Hogwarts Contest!


2. Day 2: Tuesday

I retrieve my bags and follow the first years. We take a boat to the castle looming in the distance. I bite my lip. I don't want to go, but I know that if I were to escape now, they would just take me back. I sigh and suffer through the cramped boat ride.

When we arrive at Hogwarts, we are taken straight into a large room. There are many tables in this room, and at the front there is one large table where I assume the headmasters will be sitting. At the other long tables, there are all the students who are returning to Hogwarts. Some of them smile at us, others grimace, but most are evaluating us with their eyes. They look us up and down, deciding if we would be a good addition to their houses, or if they'd rather the sorting hat did not scream out the name of their pride when we sit in the wretched chair.

We all sit in the front. I look around for Toby, and find him sitting at a table on the opposite side of the room from me. His robe has green accents. Slytherin. I do not let his house change my opinion of him. He is still mysterious, and I still have feelings for him. But, now, he has an advantage over me. Fear.

A man with a large pointed hat enters the room. He is followed by other wizards I do not recognize. They take their respective seats, and then the man speaks. "Let the sorting begin." I jump at his words and sink a little into my seat.

Names are called in alphabetical order, and with my name, it will take a good amount of time for me to be called.

It feels like two seconds I am waiting, until my name is announced and I rise slowly. I see Toby out of the corner of my eye and I swallow my fear. I continue up to the chair, and sit. The hat is placed on my head.

"Harper." It speaks to me. "Harper Potter." It whispers and I shiver at the sound of my name. "Your family for generations has been placed into Gryffindor."

"Two generations." I mutter.

"But every child in those two generations has been a Gryffindor wizard." It shoots back at me.

"Yes." I whisper.

"You, Harper Potter, will end that tradition." It says just to me. "Hufflepuff!" It screams to the crowd.

I stand and move to the long table of wizards waving to me. They don yellow ties. I sit next to a girl far in the back. She does not look up when I sit, but instead slides away from me.

"I'm Harper." I say, but I know she isn't listening, nor does she care. "What's your name?"

She looks up. She has blonde hair, and gray eyes. Her face is thin, and she appears to be quite frail. "I'm Juniper." She says her name so quietly I have to lean in just to hear it.

"Nice to meet you, Juniper." I respond and extend my hand. When she doesn't take it, I let it fall to my side. "How many years have you been here?"

"So you're really Harper Potter?" She asks, ignoring my question. "You're Harry Potter's granddaughter."

I nod. "Yes," I look down at my feet. "but I don't want anyone to treat me differently because of that." I then look to her. "You won't do that to me, right?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "I won't. I promise. I know what it's like."

I look at her, stunned. "How?"

"Do you know Teddy Lupin?" She asks me.

"Of course." I reply. Teddy was one of the best wizards in the wizard world. He came about just after my grandfather. He did so many great things for Hogwarts, while he was here. He had recently disappeared, no trace of where he had gone.

Juniper looked at me, obviously fighting with herself over telling me her secret. "You can do it." I laid a hand on her arm.

She exhaled. "He's my father."

I nodded, although my heart was now beating out of my chest.

"And," There was more? I gripped the table. "That boy," She paused, a grimace forming on her face. "is my brother."

I turned to look at who she was pointing at.

My breath caught in my throat.


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