Nobody Compares

Harry and Erin have been best friends since birth. When they were 10 Harry moved away and they didn't keep in touch. 6 years later Harry is back. They reunite but what happens when Harry learns she has a boyfriend and he develops feelings for her?

****Just wanted to say that i'm getting some ideas from imagines, tv shows, books etc. But only little things, quotes, the way things are said and stuff like that BUT the ENTIRE plot and majority of the story is 100% my ideas and creativity


2. Reunited

      My eyes fluttered open when I heard the annoying sound coming from my alarm clock. I sprang up out of bed. I'm so excited for today, all my nervousness is gone. I walked into my closet, picked out a white  Abercrombie and Fitch tee with skinny jeans and blue Vans. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom to get ready. I showered got dressed etc. After I was ready I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Mom and Gemma were already eating. "There's a waffle for you on the counter." Mom said to me.

      "Ok thanks." 

     "Did you guys sleep well." Gemma and I both nodded our heads in agreement.

      After breakfast I grabbed my backpack and car keys and headed out the door. "Bye Mom." I kissed her on the cheek and headed out the door.

     "Bye Harry, have a great day at school!" She yelled after me, I smiled, waved and backed out of the driveway. 

***15 minutes later***

     I pulled into the parking lot and parked. I grabbed my bag and headed towards the front doors of school. While I was walking I bumped into someone, whoever it was dropped all their stuff,"Sorry!" I bent down to pick up their stuff.

     "Harry?" Their voice sounds so familiar. I stood up and handed them their books and what not

     "Erin!" I exclaimed giving her the biggest hug possible.

     "Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in so long. What are you doing here?"

     "My mom got transferred again, so here I am." I flashed her a smile."How have you been?", Her smile lit up the room-well parking lot, and her long brown hair fell over her shoulders perfectly, not to mention her big brown eyes.

     "I'm good. Well anyway umm can I see your schedule?" I grabbed it out of my pocket and handed it to her, never breaking eye contact."Oh look  we have first and second period together." She said cheerfully. Next thing I knew some guy that came out of nowhere came up and grabbed Erin from behind  and put his hands around her waist. I started getting a little jealous.

     "Hey babe we got to go to class or we will be late. Whose this?" He gestured toward me.

     "Jason this is Harry, we've known each other since birth, and Harry this is Jason, my boyfriend." My heart sank. Ok now i'm jealous. I put on a fake smile and shook his hand. This was going to be a VERY long day.

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