Nobody Compares

Harry and Erin have been best friends since birth. When they were 10 Harry moved away and they didn't keep in touch. 6 years later Harry is back. They reunite but what happens when Harry learns she has a boyfriend and he develops feelings for her?

****Just wanted to say that i'm getting some ideas from imagines, tv shows, books etc. But only little things, quotes, the way things are said and stuff like that BUT the ENTIRE plot and majority of the story is 100% my ideas and creativity


1. Home is Where the Heart is

Harry's POV

      "I'm gonna miss you." I said to Erin as I gave her a big hug. She's my best friend, well my only friend for that matter. We've been friends all our lives, 10 whole years. And now i'm moving from London to Cheshire. I wish I could stay here with her but my mom got a new job as a doctor there so we have to move.

      "I'll miss you too." Errin said pulling away and flipping her long brown hair over shoulder. I gave her a faint smile, turned around and walked away back to my mom's car. I can't believe Errin and I aren't going to be together anymore. I'll really miss her. She's always had my back and I had hers. Now that friendship is slipping through my fingers like dry sand. As the car drove by her house I smiled and waved to her as she watched me leave her life forever.

6 years later

     Last time I was in London I said goodbye to my best friend Errin. I remember that day so clearly, the sad and depressing atmosphere was so thick. Now i'm back for the first time 6 years later. I wonder if she still lives here. Anyway, my mom got transferred here so we are back. I start my new school tomorrow and I am very nervous but excited at the same time, It's a new start which I desperately needed. 

     My mom pulled into the driveway of our new flat. It was a light brown color and two stories tall. I helped my mom and sister Gemma grab the stuff we had with us and bring it inside. My step dad Robin is coming tomorrow with a U-Haul trailer to bring us everything else. When we got inside my mom gave Gemma and me a tour of the house. We went upstairs and Mom showed me my room. It was huge! I had my own bathroom walk-in closet and a sliding class door with a balcony. I think i'll like it here.

     Gemma's room was next door and it looked identical to mine. I went back to my room after looking around the house and started taking clothes out of my suitcase and hung them up in the closet. After that it was pretty late so I blew up my temporary air mattress and went to sleep.  



a/n Heyyy guys what do you think? And I'm sorry for a short chapter but they are easier to write which means I can update more :p so please tell me what you think and if I should continue writing. I know I didn't get much into the story but i'll get there.




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