Nobody Compares

Harry and Erin have been best friends since birth. When they were 10 Harry moved away and they didn't keep in touch. 6 years later Harry is back. They reunite but what happens when Harry learns she has a boyfriend and he develops feelings for her?

****Just wanted to say that i'm getting some ideas from imagines, tv shows, books etc. But only little things, quotes, the way things are said and stuff like that BUT the ENTIRE plot and majority of the story is 100% my ideas and creativity


5. Author's Note

Hey guys! so it's been a long time since ive been on Movellas. I decided in the beginning of summer that I wanted to give up fan fiction entirely. it was just last week that I decided i still wanted to read it sooooo here i am again. and if you haven't noticed i deleted most of this story. I felt like it was going to fast so i'm re writing it. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)




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