Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


4. You love me?

" You like me?" I asked. "NO!" Louis laughed. " Oh… I get it, that was just a stupid joke." I said tears appearing in my eyes. " I don't like you I LOVE you." He said wiping my tears away with his thumbs. " Is anyone coming for breakfast?" Niall asked impatiently. I laughed tears running down my cheeks. " Why are you still crying?" Louis asked concerned. " I'm happy!" I said laughing. After everyone was in the kitchen my phone buzzed. It was from Edward my friend in America.

Hey… I'm coming to England tomorrow maybe we can meet up?-Edward

I didn't respond. Just then I got another text from the man who almost rapped me. Louis grabbed my phone when he saw tears running down my face. The text said: I know you told the police what I look like. I'm not done with you.


"Stay away from my girl or you'll have serious problems with me!" he texted back sticking my phone in his pocket.

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