Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


3. Why Me?

 When we pulled into the driveway  I was still shaking. My parents ran out. " Nikki are you alright?" Jade asked helping me up the stairs.  " I'm fine… Louis got there just in time…" I said. " Sweetie the boys will be staying the night. Can you come down for a moment?" My mom called up the stairs. I pulled on a nightgown and walked down the stairs. " Mrs. Nikki, do you remember what this man looked like?" The officer was a female with flowing gold hair and dazzling white teeth. Louis stood up. " I took a picture of him. Just in case we needed a description." he said pulling out his phone and walking over towards the officer. She took it and looked at it.After a few minuets of looking at it she handed it back and left.Louis sat back down and I went up to my room.The next day I walked down stairs and Louis was sitting on the couch. He walked over to me. " Your killing me." He said. " What? No I'm not!" I said back. " No, seriously, every time you walk by me I forget to breathe." He said stepping closer.  I took a step back. " I- I don't know what y-you mean!" I said stepping  back only to hit the wall. " He loves you!" Niall called from the kitchen. " Y-you do?" I asked blushing. " Of course, ever since I laid eyes on you I've wanted you by my side always." He said stepping closer. " BREAKFAST IS READY!" Niall yelled. Just then my mom Jade my dad and the boys ran down the stairs and saw what was happening. 

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