Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


1. Nikki

        " Honey! Hurry up!" My mom yelled. " NIKKI! ELLA'S HERE!" My sister shouted. Right at that moment I jumped up grabbed my bags and ran downstairs. When I was halfway down the staircase I heard Ella telling my parents about how One Direction is stuck up and arrogant. " Well in my opinion I think that they are jerks."  She said hastily. Right then I realized how badly she hated them. Luckily she wasn't the one moving to Doncaster with us, her sister ( my best friend) Jade was moving with us. " By Jade." Ella said.

        " Jade! We don't have anything to wear! Let's go to Rue 21!" I said. While we were there Jade only bought a few things:  an "I'M A DIRECTIONATER" T-Shirt, a few pairs of colored jeans and that’s all. I on the other hand bought tons of stuff… I got two " I dislike haters shirts, a blazer, toms, two pairs of jeans, three shirts, and of course four pairs of suspenders, "I <3 One Direction" shirts, a pair of light green colored jeans,  a United Kingdom jacket, red toms, one pair of blue and white striped suspenders, a couple striped shirts, four pairs of pajama pants, two light purple tank tops, two dark pink tank tops,  a green striped bikini, a red polka dot bikini, a blue striped with stars, and one sea foam green tan-kinni, and a orange "I'M THE LORAX! Gardian of the Trees! Did you seriously not see that storm with all the lightning and thunder?" Shirt. When we got on the plane I went to the bathroom and changed into my pajamas. After I was too embarrassed to come out so I just stayed in there. Suddenly my phone buzzed and I looked at it.


Where are you?-Jade

In the bathroom…

Come out.-Jade


Bye bye iPod with 1D music on it!-Jade

NO! I texted running out of the bathroom. On my way out I tripped and bumped into someone. I looked up and was met by gorgeous baby blue eyes and a dazzling white smile. " S-Sorry!" I stuttered rushing off to my seat.

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