Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


2. Never Again

When I woke up still on the plane I itched my light gray eyes, stretching I looked into a mirror. My light brown waist length hair was in a huge mess. I stood up and rushed back to the bathroom. After getting dressed and pulling my hair into a messy bun the plane landed. When I got off I couldn't stop thinking about those eyes. Never again would I forget whose they were. They were the one and only Louis Tomlinson of One Directions eyes.  Later that night I was out shopping for food for the week, as I was leaving the store I just so happened to trip but I felt strong arms around my waist catching me and lifting me up. My bun had fallen out so my hair fell around my shoulders as I looked up into those same baby blue eyes. " Is this a habit of yours? I mean falling?"  Louis asked. " Well only when someone's there to catch me." I blushed my gray eyes glinting gold. "I've got to go, sorry!" I said turning around to leave.  Suddenly a hand grabbed my wrist and twisted me around, grabbed my waist and pulled me. All of a sudden my lips felt another set on them. My eyes went wide and I pushed away. I turned and ran as fast as I could. When I was far away I turned around to see if anyone was following me. Sure enough there he was. Just then a car pulled up and the door opened. There was Harry and Zayn. Then someone pulled me around the corner of a building. Louis came running around and knocked the guy out before he rapped me. Before Louis got there the man had thrown my dress somewhere. "D-don’t h-hurt me" I gasped. " Nikki, I would never" he said. " I can't find my dress" I cried into his chest. " Hold on I'll go find it." He said. " No! Don't leave m-me." I stammered.  " It's alright I won't leave you." he said taking off his jacket and handing it to me. Just then Jade pulled up and pulled me into the car. Louis and the rest of the band climbed into the back. 

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