Nikki wants to meet one direction so badly and now she has a chance to meet Louis Tomlinson because she's moving to Doncaster, England!


6. It's me isn't it?

" I like a girl…" Louis said. " Oh… I'm jealous of her!" I said looking away. " How can you be jealous of yourself?" He asked. " Louis!" I said giggling. " Do you want to go out on the deck?" Louis asked me. " Sure! I'll grab some coffee!" I said walking into the kitchen. When I walked outside Louis was yelling at someone. I walked over to him and he calmed down. I looked over the balcony and saw Edward leaving. " Louis! What did you just do?" I yelled. " That was my brother!" I said handing him his coffee. " I-I'm sorry… This isn't going to work…" He said. " It's me isn't it?" I said crying. " NO! no," he said sitting next to me and wrapping his arms around me. " It's not you!" He said. " I love you! You're perfect!" He kissed me on the cheek.  After what seemed like sitting there for like forever Louis spoke. " Brrr… It's cold…" He said. " Here I'll go get you a blanket and another coffee." I said standing up. " No need!" He said pulling me back down. "Just take off your clothes!" He said smiling devilishly. " What! WHY?" I said. " Because your hot!" Louis said tickling me. 

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