The Best of Me

You know the worst thing about giving some one your best shot is that they wont take it......... will in my case no one does! No boy ever cares about me. I moved to Ireland for a reason. To be away from my annoying people. Im going to say that being a 19 year old girl and being a Directioner is awesome!!! And that I go to a meet and greet thing. With my friend............... And meet well him. My fantasy boy. He likes to take things slow... Like first start out as friends get to know each other a little better and then well its seeing someone well at least in my case.........................................................................


3. Unknown.

Andy and I went to the mall and got a couple of football jersys . I'm in love with these shirts!! Along with sweat pants put thats just me. I like to be comfortable and stylish. But I only wear that stuff at home because Andy and I wear outfits like that but when we have our relax days. Andy bought bows and Toms. We headed to our car and drove off. Then I heard my phone go off. 



Hey!!! I saw you today and we met eyes. You have the most prettiest eyes. Nice Jersey by the way. Its me favorite team!!! Oh and I'm from Ireland that might give you a clue for you!!! Xx 


Andy Skylar Masters!!! I'm going to kill you!! I shouted.

Shut up you'll thank me later, babe. She said. I looked at my phone and I texted leprechaun. 

Hey Niall!! I kinda figured it was you. Oh I'm Madison by the way. And I'm from America. But moved to Ireland to get away from ny people. I love them. But they hate me. But that's my personal problem. So how you been? Xx 


Andy dropped me off at my flat and I plopped on my bed. And I looked around my room. And looked at my soccer ball. 


Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed! 


 Me~ Hello?

Stranger~ Hello my hazel! It's Niall!!

Me~ Oh hey whats up! 

Stranger~ Oh nothing just listening to Liam talking about you!! And how I have to be careful. 

Me~ Oh. Okay!! I'm like a town boy. Soccer. Haha!! My life!

Stranger~ Oh okay looks like we have an outdoor person! So am I! Whats your friends name? 

Me~ Skylar, but i call her Andy.

Stranger~ I know this isnt any of my business but how many boys have you dated? 

Me~ None. But I'm cool with it I guess. No boy ever cared about me. I was just a girl with a friend and starred out the window not paying any attention. And I was a Wallflower I guess if thats how you want to put it?

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