The Best of Me

You know the worst thing about giving some one your best shot is that they wont take it......... will in my case no one does! No boy ever cares about me. I moved to Ireland for a reason. To be away from my annoying people. Im going to say that being a 19 year old girl and being a Directioner is awesome!!! And that I go to a meet and greet thing. With my friend............... And meet well him. My fantasy boy. He likes to take things slow... Like first start out as friends get to know each other a little better and then well its seeing someone well at least in my case.........................................................................


1. Ready Or Not

Well ummm lets start from the begging. I was in my flat minding my own business. Then I got a text from Andy. She's a girl I know weird name but its a special name. 


From Andy~

Hey we are going to a meet and greet thing for 1Direction. Dress in something nice. And yeah. Well see you in  a bit. Xx


I hopped off my bed and shut my laptop. I picked out a soccer jersey. Yeah I know crappy but it was the nicest thing I had in my dresser. I picked out a pair of Jeans and my Vans. I took off my clothes and took a shower. The hot water brushed against my skin. I did my business. And got out of the shower and dried my body and put on my clothes. I walked to my room. And plugged in my iPhone in my iHome and turned on Hall of Fame by The Script. I looked in the full length mirror. My hazel eyes and my Brown hair. I decided to let my hair down. Just for the sake of it. I dried my hair. And I grabbed my phone. No I'm not going to have them sign anything I'm just going to wait on the side.

And have Andy do what ever she's going to do. I looked in the mirror once more and headed out the door. Oh yeah it was cold I ran back in and grabbed my hoodie. 

Hey you ready? Andy asked. I nodded and we walked to the place which wasn't far it was only a couple of blocks. 

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