The Best of Me

You know the worst thing about giving some one your best shot is that they wont take it......... will in my case no one does! No boy ever cares about me. I moved to Ireland for a reason. To be away from my annoying people. Im going to say that being a 19 year old girl and being a Directioner is awesome!!! And that I go to a meet and greet thing. With my friend............... And meet well him. My fantasy boy. He likes to take things slow... Like first start out as friends get to know each other a little better and then well its seeing someone well at least in my case.........................................................................


5. Lazy Morning


I woke up in the morning not feeling ready to do anything. Until I got a text which motivates me for some odd reason. I got up and tripped over a shoe. 

what the fudge, how did that get there! 

I checked my home phone for messages and I got one.

You've got one message Thursday 11:00 pm BEEP

Hey its Andy! Maybe you we can go to the park and hang out today. I know this motivates you. So get up! Okay bye for now! 


I walked over to my bed and laid down and checked my phone. 


Hey Maddie. I understand your probably sleeping I got me braces off! YAY! okay now back to reality. So if your sleeping right now i just want to let you now that I saw your messages on twitter man your funny! okay well bye Madison xx 

I sat myself up and dragged my feet to my closet. I got dressed in a long sleeved cream shirt. jeans and VANS. I got out a sweater and headed to the washroom to take a shower. 

                                                                                                                     * 5 minutes later*

I got out of the shower and put my clothes on. And curled my hair. Yes I'm actually dressing nice. I plugged in my phone in my iHome and played For The First Time By The Script. I put on lip gloss and eye liner. Then I got another text I took out my Phone and checked who it was. And it was Niall.


Hey! Madison, I'm bored right now. Louis and Harry are talking about you and they haven't even met you! Harry said something weird that you shouldn't know of. OKAY well Morning! Xx 





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