Your my world

THIS IS THE SEQUAL TO DONT TELL ANYONE...!!!! Harry and Selena are going on strong, but happens when a special someone comes back into her life? And what happens when Niall and Sarah break up, and Niall has some feelings for Selena??? Read 'Your my world' to find out! WARNING: You must read the first book, or else you will be confused. ENJOY!!!!


4. People Make Mistakes



Harry P.O.V.


After the pool, everyone decided to go out shopping. I didn't want to, so I went back to Selena and mines apartment. I walked inside, and there was Maria in my kitchen.

"Hey, umm what are you doing?" I asked her. "I was waiting for you to get home." She said walking towards me. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. And I.....Kissed back.


Selena P.O.V.


Harry said he didn't want to go shopping with us and I knew something was up. So I went up to our apartment to see him and Maria kissing. The tears in my eyes trickled down my cheeks. Ok, so first he kissed Danielle awhile ago, then Tina, and now Maria. Who knows, maybe he had sex with my mom!

"Your the worst." I turned around to see everyone at the door. "Fuck you." Louis said to Harry. "Look-" Harry started, but Louis cut him off. "No, you look. You cheated on my sister so many times, and shes stupid enough to come back to you. Now, we are all moving to a house that we are all gonna share because I can't trust you alone with my sister. So I hope that you and Maria have a good life, but stay away from my sister. You put one hand on her, and your dead." Louis then left. The girls and I walked into my room and started to pack my stuff.

When we were done packing, Perrie spoke up. "We are going to pack our sutff. Everyone will meet back up here." "Ok." I said. They left, leaving me there alone. I walked around my room, everything in boxes. I then saw a box with Harry's handwriting on it. It says 'My girl'. I walked over to the box, and it was filled with pictures of me and him. I collapsed onto the ground, letting the tears fall.

I then saw a picutre of Maria. He already moved on from me....


When we all got to our new house, I was the first to rush inside. Maria's mom called, so now Maria can stay. So me, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Maria, Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor are all living in the big house. I was PISSED that Maria was lving with us. There was 5 bedrooms, so Danielle and Liam share, Maria and Niall, Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, and I got stuck with sharing a room with Styles. Louis's bedroom was right next to mine, so he told me if I needed anything, I could just yell his name.


As I was in my new room un packing, there was a knock on the door. I turned around.... And there was Harry with roses.

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