Your my world

THIS IS THE SEQUAL TO DONT TELL ANYONE...!!!! Harry and Selena are going on strong, but happens when a special someone comes back into her life? And what happens when Niall and Sarah break up, and Niall has some feelings for Selena??? Read 'Your my world' to find out! WARNING: You must read the first book, or else you will be confused. ENJOY!!!!


1. Let Me Catch You Up On Things...



Selena P.O.V.


Hello guys! So, a lots happened in the past 6 months. So, let me tell you whats happened...

Well first, you guys should all know that Harry and I are back together!! YAY!!! Also, Louis proposed to Eleanor and she said yes!!! It was sooo cute! He took her out to eat for her birthday, and when the waitor brought her her birthday cake, on the frosting it said 'will you marry me?' She then looked at Louis to see him kneeling down with the ring! I never get tired of hearing that story! They are getting married in 3 months and I'm gonna be the brides maid! Yay! And its gonna be so cute because Baby Lux is gonna be the flower girl! Anyways, Zayn and Perrie are going on strong. They had this one huge fight where they broke up, but in an HOUR, Zayn called Perrie and begged for her back! AWWW!! And Liam and Danielle, are the cutest couple like... EVER! They honestly do love each other, and Liam has talked to me about proposing to her!!!! As for Niall and Sarah... Well... They broke up. It was all because Sarah cheated. I got super mad at her and yelled at her. She now is living with her knew boyfriend, Ryan. Niall is now single, and he is still living with Zayn and Perrie. Kyle and I are still bffs, and Billy and I are good friends too! And as for Harry and I.... He's taking me on so many romantic dates, and I'm glad we are back together!


***Authors Note****

Ok guys! That is the first chapter! Short, I know, but it was kinda one of those chapters where the main character explains everything that happened in the past couple of months. I really hope you guys enjoy this book and please comment on this book!!! Thanks<3


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