Your my world

THIS IS THE SEQUAL TO DONT TELL ANYONE...!!!! Harry and Selena are going on strong, but happens when a special someone comes back into her life? And what happens when Niall and Sarah break up, and Niall has some feelings for Selena??? Read 'Your my world' to find out! WARNING: You must read the first book, or else you will be confused. ENJOY!!!!


9. I didnt mean to!



Selena P.O.V.


I woke up the next morning to hear yelling. I groaned. I sat up in bed, looking down at my sore body. I got up, grabbed my robe from the floor, and went downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen to see everyone yelling at each other. Harry and Louis were yelling, Zayn and Perrie and Niall were yelling, Liam and Danielle were yelling, and Eleanor was sitting at the kitchen table crying.

"People! People!" I yelled, getting everyone's attention. They all stopped arguing and turned towards me.

"What is going on down here?!" "Harry raped you?!" Louis yelled, tears running down his face. I looked down at the floor, tears filling my eyes.

"I was drunk! It was a mistake!" Harry hollered. I looked up, shaking my head.

"No, Harry. Your not using an excuse. You cheated on me. How many times? Like 5! And I went back to you! But what you did yesterday night went to far. You knew I've been hurt before. I now have nightmares. That Jake or Jason will come back. And its all because of the event that happened yesterday night. I'm done. I'm just done. I decided that I'm going to move and live with Kyle and Billy in San Francisco. Maybe I will be happy."

I then walked up the stairs and into my room. I texted Kyle and told him to pick me up at 7 o clock tonight.

I packed my bags, and when 7 o clock came, I said my goodbyes and went to live my new life.


****1 year later*****


I woke up to people jumping on my bed. I opened my eyes to see Kyle and Billy smiling like idiots jumping on my bed.

"What do you guys want now!" I groaned, shoving my face into my pillow. "You have visitors down stairs." They said, getting up and leaving the room laughing.

I've been living with Kyle and Billy for a year now. I haven't talked to any of the boys, not even Louis. I only talked to Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle.

I lifted my self up and slammed my feet down on the cold hard wood floor. I got up from the bed and strutted down the stairs.

I walked into the family room to see Perrie sitting on the couch talking to the two boys.

"PERRIE!" I yelled, running over to her and jumping on her laugh. "Haha! Hey girl!" She said, hugging me and laughing too.

"What are you doing here?" "I was gonna invite you to go to the mall with me!" I looked at Kyle and he nodded. "Ok! Let me go get dressed!"


When we walked into the mall, girls and even some guys took out their phones and took pictures of Perrie and I.

"Wow, forgot what it feels like to get all the attention." I said, giggling. She chuckled. "Yeah, I'm actually pretty tired of it! Ooh, lets go in there!"

We walked into a store with dresses. We walked into the back where all the shoes were. I sat down on the little bench as Perrie already started trying on shoes.

"So, how are you and Zayn?" I asked, watching her try on 6 inch black pumps. "Great! Things couldn't get any better!"

I nodded. "How is everyone else?" "Well, Harry is dating some girl named Lacy, Louis and Eleanor live by themselves now since they are married, Liam, Danielle, Niall, Zayn, Harry, Lacy and I all live together. So yeah."

"Crap! I forgot about the wedding! Ugh! I feel awful!" She chuckled. "Don't be. She understood." All I did was nod.


After shopping, Perrie and I said our goodbyes and I went home.


Harry P.O.V.


"I'm home!" Perrie yelled, walking into the family room. Lacy and I were on the couch, Liam was in the love chair with Danielle in his lap, and Zayn and Niall were on the floor. Perrie walked over to Zayn, sat in his lap and pecked his cheek.

"How was visiting Sel?" Niall asked. "Great! She's changed too! I don't know, she looks more depressed."

We all nodded. "Is she dating anyone?" I asked. "She said she's too scared to fall in love again." She said, giving a cold stare to me.

"Excuse me." I stated, standing up and walking to my room. When I got in there, I flopped down on my bed, the tears streaming down my face.

I never forgave myself for what I did to Selena. Everything I did to her was awful. I've tried to text her and apologize, but she never answers.


Selena P.O.V.


The next morning, I woke up and walked downstairs to see a note on the counter.

'Dear Sel,

Billy and I are going out today to have some alone time. Love ya.


I smiled at the note. I let out a long sigh. Just as I was about to go back up stairs, there was a knock at the door.

I groaned. I strutted towards the door and opened the door to see him. The guy I hoped to never see. Harry.

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