My Love

As Kayla and Julia go to a one direction concert they love it a lot .But then they lose Kayla and they go looking for her to where on of the boys fall for her and one of the boys fall for Julia.what will happen when they leave the concert?

This is my first time so try to be nice and give me tips please on how to help if you don't like it:) thanks


5. Why Don't You Stay

They hurried up to the hotel room before anyone saw Harry.when they got there somone saw him and started running toward him they ran into the room and shut an locked the door "that was close" Harry said "I know" Kayla told him. They looked at each other then he kissed her and she kissed him back and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist . He licked her bottom lip and that is when she let him in it was just not a kiss it was more. Then when they had to breath they both backed up and Kayla goes  "I am going to go get my clothes and go change." He smiled and shook his head. After she was done he said "I have something very important to ask "what is it ?"will you be my girlfriend?"yes I will" good because I want to be your boyfriend. 


They kissed some more and then he asked " why don't you just stay with me?"ok." They grabbed there suit cases and ran as fast as they could to the car Kayla went in and cheeked out .they drove back to the house.they dropped the suit cases off and went to the tour bus. They watched the movie finding nemo. Kayla fell asleep in Harry's arms.he woke her up  and asked if she wanted to go to the beach and she did. They went back inside and asked everyone if they wanted to go to. Everyone put there swim suits on and Julia's bakinie matched Nialls swim trunks and Kayla's bakinie matched Harry's. Liam said "that's very cute guess each couple matches!"that is cute" Zayn said ." Come on guys what are you waiting for "Louis shouted.

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