My Love

As Kayla and Julia go to a one direction concert they love it a lot .But then they lose Kayla and they go looking for her to where on of the boys fall for her and one of the boys fall for Julia.what will happen when they leave the concert?

This is my first time so try to be nice and give me tips please on how to help if you don't like it:) thanks


4. Must Save Her

"Kayla where is she?"Dylan said"I don't know" he slapped her "yes you do don't lie to me"Fine you don't know we will do this the hard way. He duck taped her hands and mouth and started pulling her by her hair. She couldn't tell if the pain was from her hair getting pulled or her hands being wayyyy to tight and turning purple. Then passed out from dehydration. Someone hit Dylan and picked Kayla up and started running. It was Harry they all ran to the tour bus except for Niall and Julia they took Kayla's car.Louis started the van and Zayn undid the tap on Kayla's hands. Liam ripped off the tap on her mouth and Harry tried to wake her up. When they got to there house Harry layed Kayla on the couch and the rest of them made sandwiches. As soon as Kayla wool up she asked wht happen and they told her she then drank a lot of water. Liam asked "Are you thursty?" Yea I think that is why I passed out I haven't had anything to drink all day" " Oh I see." "What time is it?" Julia asked "11:15" Niall said "I think it is time to leave " Kayla said "where do you guys live?"Louis asked " we live in California but we flew to London to see you guys!" Julia told him" Oh how long are you guys her for?" Zayn asked  " We'll for 3months "Kayla said "wow why so long?" We'll because to see the concert and for us to meet you guys and then longer until we get our house in New York!" "Oh both if you are livening in it?" Yea it is huge out door hot tub  and pool then indoor hot tub 5 rooms 4bathrooms 2kitchens 3livingrooms and a bar type thing down stairs but we won't use the bar until we are old enough" " yea I see how old are you guys ?" 18 ,so we have a couple of years !"  "Why don't you guys just stay the night here?" Louis asked "ok " Julia said. Niall then yelled "Julia with me rest of you choose "I will take couch,if that is alright with you guys?"" Yea that's fine"Niall said "and the rest of you your rooms,Julia ready for bed?" "Yep." They all went to there rooms and Kayla fell asleep on the couch.harry came down stairs and picked her up and took her up stairs to his bed and he went to sleep to. The next morning Kayla woke up and she sat up and she was in Harry's bed . She went down stairs and went outside and sat on the porch . Zayn went outside and said " oh hello" hi do you know how I got upstairs last night?"yea Harry took you upstairs when you fell asleep on the couch"oh ok but we aren't a couple or anything" yea he likes you a lot and he loves your blue eyes and how shinny your blonde hair is." Really?" Yep he told me he also likes your smile and and how you love us so much!" Yea I love you guys!" He touched Kayla hand and leand in and kissed her. She kissed him right back "what was that for?" She asked "we'll somone had to make a move already why not it be me ?"oh ok " but you can't tell Harry or he will get mad "ok deal"she said. "Why don't you come inside for breakfast?"he asked.They went inside like nothing happend "hello love" Harry said "hi,I am not hungry so I am going to get new cloths from the hotel" I will come with you " Harry said "ok do you want to change or what " no I am fine ok " the only thing he had was pants no shirt which Kayla liked! "Julia do you want me to bring you close, now that you have Nialls on" sure bring my whole suit case please?"ok you staying here for 3 months?" I sure am

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