My Love

As Kayla and Julia go to a one direction concert they love it a lot .But then they lose Kayla and they go looking for her to where on of the boys fall for her and one of the boys fall for Julia.what will happen when they leave the concert?

This is my first time so try to be nice and give me tips please on how to help if you don't like it:) thanks


6. I Love Her

They all went to the beach and they singed autographs and somone got a picture with Harry and got a little touchie. She slapped his butt.kayla wasn't there to see it but Harry jumped back and said "wow don't do that again to touchie." After they were done Zayn asked "anyone want to play chicken?" What is that?" Louis asked "it is where someone gets on somone else sholders and they go against someone else like that and the two top people fight and go ever gets knockdown first wins." Oh sure." So Julia got on Nialls and Kayla got on Harry's they fought and Harry and Kayla won . Then Louis got on Zayns and Liam got on Nialls and Zayn and Louis won. Then Harry got on Kayla and Niall got on Julia Harry and Kayla  won again. But this time it was different Niall got on Harry's and Julia got on Kayla's, Niall and Harry won.kayla got on Julia's and Harry got in Nialls Kayla was pushed Harry off and then he didn't let go of her hands so Kayla went down with Harry. Zayn got on Liam's Louis got on Nialls and Harry  got on Kayla's they all fought agianst each other and Zayn and Liam won. Niall and Julia kept kissing. Harry an Kayla went for a walk on the beach. After they came back everyone went back to the house and ate pizza."Anyone want to watch a movie?" Liam asked "sure" Louis yelled "CARS" so they watched cars.


Julia and Niall went up stairs and you knew they were up to something it was diffinetly more than just kissing.Theywere doing it. Kayla fell asleep on Harry's lap.louis and Zayns were still up Liam already went to bed. Kayla woke up because she heard a weird noise "what was that?" Harry looked at her and said "hello love,that was just Niall and Julia having a little fun!"wow that doesn't sound like a little!" Yea I know" you ready to go up stairs?"sure" night guys "Harry said"Louis and Zayn said "see you two later, not so much noise"Zayn yelled at Julia and Niall.  

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