My Love

As Kayla and Julia go to a one direction concert they love it a lot .But then they lose Kayla and they go looking for her to where on of the boys fall for her and one of the boys fall for Julia.what will happen when they leave the concert?

This is my first time so try to be nice and give me tips please on how to help if you don't like it:) thanks


2. Found Her

Niall,Harry ,and Julia went looking for Kayla. Julia said "If one of us finds her yell found her ,agreed?" "Ok" they said.So they split up and went looking for her. They looked in closets and in all the bathrooms every where. Then Julia looked in to where alot of people once were to now with no one and she found Kayla.she yelled "Kayla what are you doing?"" Sitting here."" Why" "Because you seem to be having fun with them and I found something out and I am tired of everything." " what happend?" "Nothing I will tell you later." " we'll come back with us""no I am going home call when you want a ride back!" " what Kayla come back ." Niall came running in "what happend?"" Something happend she won't tell me and she is going home she wasted a back stage pass, where is Harry ?" "I don't know " "Julia now knows a lot about one direction and she seems to be pretty close with Niall and all of them now so I am leaving and will be back for her later" Kayla said over the phone as she walked out. 


When she walked out Harry came running orotund the corner and ran into her,her phone fell out of her hand and everything out of her purse went every where." I am so sorry I didn't see you there"Harry said"it isn't your fault I should of been paying attention I am sorry." Kayla told him" It is fine let me help you pick your stuff up!" After everything was picked up she went to her car and told him thank you but then when she got to her car Harry then realized she was the one who won the contest and ran to her."You are the one who won the contest?" He said before she got in her car "yea I am I did it for Julia she loves Niall so I helped her out!"Kayla said in a happy voice "yea her and Niall seem to really connect with each other they kind are a coue now " " They are she never told me?" "Yea after one night I guess things happen." "Yea I guess so well will pleases let her know that I said I am happy for her and if Niall can take her home please?" "Sure I will let her know and aren't you supposed to be back her with us?" "I should be but something happend and I need to go I think " Kayla said quietly." You should really come back in it is fun we are all running around playing child games like tag!!"" That sounds fun but I don't know I am not to sure?" " we'll you also left something in there" Harry told her "what is it?" "I don't know something girlie!" "Oh I might want to go get that then I guess!" So Kayla walked back inside and got it but she went back out to her car still and when she pulled out of her parking place  Harry ran right in front of her she slammed on her breaks. "Wait" she rolled down her window "what do you want?" "What is ur number?" "937-358-6184" "thanks I will be sure to call you!"" Ok" he winked as she rolled up her window.

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