My Love

As Kayla and Julia go to a one direction concert they love it a lot .But then they lose Kayla and they go looking for her to where on of the boys fall for her and one of the boys fall for Julia.what will happen when they leave the concert?

This is my first time so try to be nice and give me tips please on how to help if you don't like it:) thanks


7. Are You Ready

They went upstairs and Harry knocked on the door"keep it down in there to much noise" Harry said "do you want to sleep in the tour bus?"sure."they went down stair holding hands.they shut the door behind them."wow 7months and they are already havering fun,I hope the use protection "Kayla laughed while saying it"I know me to if not bad things can happen!" Harry said smiling.he picked Kayla up bridle style and took her inside locked the door and threw Kayla on the bed she laughed, Harry of course took of his shirt and kissed her. It was more than a kiss he licked her bottom lip she let him in.he got on top of her and said"I will kiss you her(neck)then here (ear) then here(nose) and last here(lips) they kissed and kissed. Once again he licked her lip she let him in.they switched places now her on top of him. He sat up and so did she they put there feet off the bed.he put hi hands around her waist and she put hers around his neck.she felt him put his hands under her shirt and grab it.he then said "are you ready?"I don't know"we'll I can stop if you want me to"no as long as it is with you I will be fine"are you sure j don't want it to ruin anything"it won't I promise"ok" he said.and thee he garbed at and pulled it off of her they went back to what they were doing. 


The next morning Kayla woke up and rolled over Harry said "hello love did you have fun?"her babe,it was with you of course it was fun,as long as it was with you and no one else"it was only with me,you want to go inside with the boys?"no I want to stay here with you,I love you way to much"I love you WAY more,what would of happened if I didn't meet you and ask for your number?" You wouldn't have me right now and what would of happened if I didn't come back for Julia?"you would have me right now "true" they both said laughing! 

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