Silence (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Eighteen year old, Scarlet Nights isn't like most teenagers. She still lives with her parents, she doesn't have a job, and that's because of one thing. She doesn't talk. She can talk, she just doesn't. She sings, she stays in her room all day, starring out the window singing. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk, simply because she won't tell anyone. On her 19th birthday a special fellow comes along and maybe, just maybe, she'll open up. Or will she stay speechless forever? Is it to late to change?


5. Chapter 5

   I woke up with Harry's, strong, muscular arms wrapped around me. And I didn't mind it one bit, in his arms is one of the few places I feel safe. After a few seconds I could feel Harry's chest moving up and down as he breathed deeper, awakening. I turned on my side, so that I was facing him; I smiled. He began speaking,
   "Do you want to go roller skating through the park today?" I smiled before speaking. 
    "Sure." Me and Harry both stood up, out of bed. Harry grabbed some clothes from his dresser and walked into his bathroom, where he got changed. When Harry came back from the bathroom, dressed in a black short sleeve shirt, and black skinny jeans; I began speaking. 
"I'm gonna go home... And get dressed. Then ill be back." 
    "No, I'll walk with you, we can go to the park from there." I smiled,
    "Sounds good." He smiled and grabbed my hand, with the roller skates in his other hand. 
    "Let's go!" I smiled as we walked out the door. I released his hand and started running. 
    "Beat you there!" I could hear him laugh as I bolted ahead; I heard foot steps getting louder and louder until he was at my side. 
    "You're the best girlfriend I have єνєя had!" I smiled as I sped up, in front of Harry. He sped up to, and was at my side again. 
    "I ⓛⓞⓥⓔ you Harry!"
    "I ⓛⓞⓥⓔ you too, Scarlett!" I could see my house and we started to slow down, out of breath. We walked up to my front door, hand in hand. When we got in I walked upstairs to my room to get dressed and Harry stayed downstairs, he's talking to my 'mom'. I grabbed a blue short sleeve shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I slipped them on; put my hair up in a sloppy bun, and walked back down stairs to where my mom and Harry were standing, in the kitchen. 
   "Harry told me you guys are going roller blading." I looked at my mom and answered. 
   "Good luck with that..." I looked at my mom, confused and annoyed. 
   "What's that supposed to mean?!" 
    "It's supposed to mean, you're a klutz." I heard Harry chuckle and my mom did the same, I rolled my eyes. 
   "That's true, but who cares! Bye mom!" I grabbed Harry's hand and we ran out the door and to the park. 
"Let's do this thing!!" Harry chuckled as he tied my roller blades for me. 
   "I bet twenty pounds you're gonna fall at least once." I laughed. 
   "I bet I won't! Cause even if I'm about to fall ⓨⓞⓤ will come and stop me from falling," Harry nodded. 
   "That's true." I laughed. 
"C'mon Harry! Let's go!" I stood up and started skating down the cement pathway, that lead us through the park. Harry skated to my side and grabbed my hand, not to stop me, just to hold it. I looked up to him and smiled. He began speaking,
    "This way!" I followed Harry through the park until he stopped. 
"I have a surprise for you!" I looked at Harry with a confused look. 
   "What are you up to, Styles?" He laughed. 
   "Nothing bad!" We sat down and took off our roller blades. I followed Harry to a tree, he pulled out a picnic basket from around the tree. 
   "How did you get this here?! You're magical Harry!" I laughed,
    "I told Louis to drop it off here before we left your house, that's what I was talking to your mom about!" I smiled, as Harry set down a blanket for us to sit on and he pulled out the food. 
   "You're awesome Harry." His expression went from happy and excited to worried and nervous. 
"Harry? What's wrong?" He paused for a moment not saying anything. 
   "I have to tell you something..." I waited for him to continue, butterflies formed in my stomach and rose to my chest. 
"The lads don't know I'm here... With you. They think I'm here with Taylor..." 
   "Didn't you and Taylor break up like two months ago?"
   "Publicly, yes. Physically, we broke up like three weeks ago... The boys don't know though... I've just been telling them that I'm hanging out with her so that I can see you..." I felt my heart drop, I don't know why, but it did. 
    "Why can't they know?" Harry sighed. 
    "Because I wasn't supposed to give you my number, my address, or see you a second time. They didn't even want me to meet you at all... But they don't understand..."
   "Oh..." I stared at my hands and played with my fingers, weaving them in odd orders.  
    "But... Louis coming here... He should be here soon... I'm gonna tell him, they should know..."
    "Yeah..." This isn't going to end well, I can just feel it. Harry grabbed my hand, which made me look up to his eyes. 
   "He can't stop me from loving you." I smiled, still worried. I heard footsteps and I knew it was Louis, he didn't sit down with me and Harry, he stood looking down on us, he began speaking. 
    "HARRY! I told you to stay away from her!!" Harry spoke,
    "Louis, I don't care. I love-" Louis cut Harry off. 
    "You ⓓⓞⓝ'ⓣ   ⓛⓞⓥⓔ her!" I started breathing deeply, not wanting to know how this was going to end. I hugged my legs as Harry stood up. 
    "I ⓓⓞ love her!" Louis responded,
    "It's all in your head, Harry!" I started sobbing, Harry spoke once more. 
    "Louis, stop!" 
    "Stop?! Why? Look at her! She's a cry baby! She doesn't even talk!" Harry cut Louis off. 
    "She ⓓⓞⓔⓢ talk, now!" My breathing is deep, and my heart is pounding, my tears slip down my face which I buried in my knees. Louis spoke,
    "Harry! I told you it's all in your head! You're imagining it! She doesn't talk! All she does is cry! I bet she makes her parents want to commit suicide!" Harry was getting furious as I still cried. 
    "LOUIS! Stop! You're are scaring her!"
    "HOW?!" He challenged,
    "Louis! You don't understand! Stop!" 
    "Oh Harry, she's just a cry baby, waiting your time! She's not your type of girl! And you know that!" I looked up for a moment, and it was a bad time to look up, Harry punched Louis and Louis covered his nose to stop the bleeding. 
"Go ahead Harry, waist your time with her! Not my problem!" Louis walked away and Harry sat down again, at my side. 
    "Come here..." I leaned my head against Harry's chest as he wrapped his muscular arms around me, I'm still crying, maybe Louis right...
"I'm sorry about Louis... He's wrong. He doesn't understand..." Harry rested his chin on him head as he stroked my hair. 
"I love you... And he can't stop that... If he doesn't want me to be happy then that's to bad... Because I'm never leaving you... I need you... Louis is right... You're not the type of girl I usually date.. But you're the type of girl I should date." I smiled as I looked up to Harry, kissing him softly. 
    "Isn't Louis your best friend? Shouldn't he be happy for you?" Harry sighed,
    "I guess he's not as good as a friend as I thought..." I wrapped my arms tightly around Harry. His phone beeped four times in a row. He read the four messages, and I got a glimpse at each one. 

From Zayn, to Harry: I don't know what's wrong with Louis... If you guys are happy that's all the matters! I hope Louis didn't upset Scarlett. :(

From Niall, to Harry: Louis told us... It's okay though... Just ignore Louis... We're happy for you guys! :)

From Louis, to Harry: Have fun you ass. 

From Liam, to Harry: It's alright lad... Stay strong and tell Scarlett that Louis is just having some 'issues' right now. 

   Harry responded to Liam, not the others. 

From Harry, to Liam: What do you mean 'issues'? 

From Liam, to Harry: We'll talk another day, Haz...



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