Silence (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Eighteen year old, Scarlet Nights isn't like most teenagers. She still lives with her parents, she doesn't have a job, and that's because of one thing. She doesn't talk. She can talk, she just doesn't. She sings, she stays in her room all day, starring out the window singing. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk, simply because she won't tell anyone. On her 19th birthday a special fellow comes along and maybe, just maybe, she'll open up. Or will she stay speechless forever? Is it to late to change?


3. Chapter 3

I'm so so sorry I took sooo long to update! I've started some new books so.... Yeah.... Maybe you'd like to go check them out? Anyway.... Here's the chapter! I really hope you enjoy it!!






    I woke up, letting out a big yawn. It's been a week since I last saw Harry, and I wanted to see him, I need to see him. I got out of bed and got some clothes from my dresser. I grabbed a pair of lite blue jeans, and a solid white shirt. I walked over to my nightstand, unplugged my phone, and opened up my newest message, it's from Harry. I smiled before reading it:

Hey, do you want to go for a walk today? Maybe get some Ice cream?
I responded:
Hey Harry! I haven really been outside in the past....5 years..... 
Within minutes there was a new message, it read:
That's okay... I can bring ice cream to your house... If you want me to..... I just miss you a ton. 
With a smile appearing on my face I responded:
I miss you too Harry. I miss you a lot actually. Lets go on a walk. :)
A minute latter he responded:
I thought you haven't been outside??? I don't want to force you if you're not ready!
I responded:
It's okay Harry. :) I trust you. 
For moments I sat on the corner of my bed smiling, until I was disturbed by my phone vibrating. One new message from Harry:
You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that. :) Is 12:00 okay?
I looked over at my clock, 11:45. 
I responded:
Sure. That's great. :)
I walked into my bathroom, quickly curing my hair. I typically don't curl my hair, but today I wanted to. For Harry. I can't believe I'm going outside! I so excited .... But I'm also scared. I just wish I could tell Harry everything but.... I don't know if I should. I walked into my bedroom and put on a pair of black converse. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got a pen and paper and wrote a note for my mom:
Going for a walk with Harry. Dont Freak out, It's okay. I trust him completely. Text me if you need anything.
There was a knock at the door and I opened it. The tall British boy, whom I think I may love was standing there. I smiled as he grabbed my hand leading me out the door. 
"Ice cream?" I smiled nodding. As I looked around at my surroundings I only became more scared. I suddenly realized something. There was only one thing I wanted to do. And I need to do it, more then anything. I stopped for a moment, causing Harry to stop too. I released his hand, letting it fall back to his side. He looked down to his hand, eyes filled with sadness and fright.  Within seconds I did what I've been wanting to do. I flung my arms around Harry giving him the tightest hug possible. After a second or two I felt Harry's arms wrap around me and a smile appearing on his face. I smiled refusing to let go. There was only one spot I wanted to be. Right here, in Harry's arms. We stayed like that for what felt like ten minutes, until his arms dropped from my waist and he looked me in the eye.
"I have an idea." A smile crept on his face as he bent down. 
"Hop on." I got on his back and he carried me the whole time until we reached the ice cream shack. The whole time I kept my arms tightly wrapped around him and played with his curls. When we arrived at the ice cream shack he asked what kind of ice cream I wanted and I pointed to the chocolate ice cream. 
"I love chocolate." I smiled, refusing to let go of his hand. He payed for our ice cream and we walked out of the shack, still hand in hand. We sat down on a bench that was outside the shack. There was people around, but few. When we finished our ice cream we walked hand and hand through the park. We stopped at a lake and sat on the grass. I pulled out my phone and typed a message to Harry:
I have a question....
"Ask away." He smiled. I typed another message:
Why did you come out on my birthday? Please don't take that the wrong way... I'm glad you did, I'm just curious. 
After he read my message he looked me in the eyes.
"Do you really wanna know?" I nodded. 
"Well... Your mom called Paul, our manager, and told us that you haven't talked in years. She said that you weren't a 'fan' but you did listen to our music. She said that we're pretty much the only reason you live...." Harry paused for a moment as I stared at my feet, slightly regretting my choice of asking. 
"All the other boys thought it was a joke. They didn't want me to come... But I did anyway. And it's true. And-" he paused look across the lake. 
"After I saw you that day... I just... I had to see you again." His eyes met mine. And I smiled. I finally knew what I have been wondering for the past month. He continued:
"And now we're.... I..... I don't want-" with his eyes still in contact with mine, I leaned in and kissed him. Through the kiss I could feel him beginning to smile. 
"We're dating." I smiled. I guess we pretty much were. Why not just say the truth. 
"Scarlet." I looked over so my eyes meet Harry's again, giving him a signal to continue speaking. 
"You don't have to... If you don't want to... I don't want to fore you... But... Do you think you can tell me what happened? Why you don't talk." I sat for a moment, thinking. I wanted to tell him, I want to tell him more then anything. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes for a moment, and opened my mouth. A tear slid down my face. Harry whipped away my tears and I opened my eyes, licking my lips, and taking another deep breath. 
"Not..... Yet." Within seconds Harry's arms we flung tightly around me. I don't get it. I only said two words. I mean... it wasn't easy... But it was only two words. Harry's tears slid down onto my back and I returned his hug. 
"Scarlet. You did it. You talked." That's when it hit me. He really does care, and a whole lot more then I expected. 




•••Authors note••••

  Okay, okay, okay! I know it's short but I guess that's how all my chapters end up..... WASN'T THAT ADORABLE???? Scarlet talked!!!! Will she tell Harry???? Will she even see him again??? Oh and like I said before this chapter is written directly for: 


Mainly because she's just an awesome friend and an amazing person. But also because she's a loyal reading and yeah she's having some troubles in life. 

I'm going to keep doing shout outs for every chapter. Soooo if you want to be mentioned...... I suggest reading me new/other  books as well as this one. And just be the best you can be! I hope you liked this chapter. Personally I love this book. And oh look I'm rambling on about useless stuff.  
Oh whatever. Please give me ideas on more things for Harry and Scarlet to do! I'm running out. Anyway I'm sorry it took so long to update but I was writing my other books and I have so much school work. Please comment, vote, and if you are a fan of this book and really enjoy it..... Share it. :) thank you! 


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And may I just say.... 300+ reads!!!! That's incredible! I know that other books have like thousands of reads buuuut 200+ is incredible! You guys are all amazing and I love you all soooo much. :)

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