Silence (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Eighteen year old, Scarlet Nights isn't like most teenagers. She still lives with her parents, she doesn't have a job, and that's because of one thing. She doesn't talk. She can talk, she just doesn't. She sings, she stays in her room all day, starring out the window singing. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk, simply because she won't tell anyone. On her 19th birthday a special fellow comes along and maybe, just maybe, she'll open up. Or will she stay speechless forever? Is it to late to change?


2. Chapter 2

I woke up normally, not by a alarm, nor did my mom awake me. Why should she wake me up? It's just another day. I'm just gonna sit around all day staring out a window singing songs about depression. I got out of my bed and picked out some clothes. I honestly didn't care if they matched, or if they were even mine. I walked over to my closet, pulled out my notebook and my guitar just like I did every day. I shuffle through the notebook deciding on a song. I looked through the notebook three times before I decided to write a new song. I grabbed my pencil and began writing. 
Nobody knows. Somebody cares. But they can't know. 'Cause I'm afraid. They'll laugh, they'll tell. Life just hates me. 
I created a tune on my guitar that went with the lyrics. I let out a sigh, put down my guitar and pencil, and I grabbed my phone. I scrolled down through my contacts and clicked Harry. I typed out a message. 
Hey Harry, it's Scarlet. 
I waited, starring at my phone for ten minutes. No response, I decided to go get a salad, by the time I was back in my room there will be a response. I walked out of my room, down the hall, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and opened the fridge. I grabbed a bag of lettuce and poured some in the bowl. I added some French dressing, a fork, and I went back into my room. I sat on my bed, took a bite, and checked my phone. Still no response, and it's been twenty minutes. I continued eating my salad until the bowl was empty. I checked my phone once more, nothing. After waiting thirty minutes for a response I realized something. He really doesn't care. He probably didn't even give me his real number. I tossed my phone on my bed, grabbed my bowl, and I brought my bowl back downstairs. 
"Hello Scarlet.." I looked at my mom and waved as a response. I continued up to my room. I sat on the corner of my bed looking out the window. I let out a sigh, I wish I had friends. But who wants to be friends with a ugly girl who doesn't talk? Nobody. I wish I could go somewhere, but I haven't been out of the house in years, what was even out there? I was daydreaming for an hour of the outer world until a vibrating disrupted me. I looked at my phone. One new message from mom. Of course, mom. I opened the message. 
Want lunch?
I responded. 
Already got it. 
I should've known, Harry doesn't care. Nobody cares. I walked over to my closet and through in my guitar and notebook. I grabbed my gun, my parents gave it to me in case someone broke in. Obviously I wouldn't scream for help, or call 911. I took the gun out of its case, and loaded it. I took a deep breath and held it to my head. I placed my hand on the trigger, ready to pull. I jumped, startled by the sound of my now vibrating phone. I placed the gun on the corner of my bed. I looked at my phone. One new message from Harry. Does he actually care? I opened the message:
Sorry, me and the boys were at a photo shoot today. What's up?
I typed out a response:
Oh nothing... Just the usual mopping around all day. Questioning my existence of living. 
I clicked send and moments latter there was a response:
Oh my god, you didn't! You can't! I'm coming out right now!
Well great. What have I gotten myself into. I didn't even bother responding, either way he was coming. I put my gun back in its case and back into my closet. I flopped back on my bed and let out a sigh. Fifteen minutes latter there was a knock at my door and a beautiful boys face appeared. Harry walked in and sat down next to me. 
   "You need to tell me what's going on, I can and will help you. I promise." He rubbed my back and I shock my head. I wasn't going to tell him anything. Not now anyway. "C'mon, you can trust me. I swear, what's there to be afraid of?" I closed my eyes for a moment, considering telling him, telling him everything. I grabbed my phone and typed a message:
You'll laugh, or you'll tell. 
I clicked send and moments latter Harry checked his phone reading my message. "That's crazy. I won't laugh, I won't tell. I'll help! What ever it is, it's endangering you, and I don't want you hurt." I typed out another message:
I'm fine. Promise. 
He looked at his phone and began speaking again. "Obviously not! Okay, don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But I need to know where it is." I gave him a questioning look. "The pills, the knife, the gun, the rope, whatever you were going to use. I need to know." I looked down at my feet then towards the closet. I pointed at the closet, he walked over to the closet, found the gun, and he claims it as his own. He puts it in his back pocket then looks me in the eyes. "I don't want you hurt. I can't let you have this gun." I nodded and let my face fall looking at my feet. I felt a hand under my chin and my head was tilted upwards. His lips were on mine. "Stay safe. Remember I'm here for you." Moments latter the tall British boy, whom I think I'm falling for left my room. 




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