Silence (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Eighteen year old, Scarlet Nights isn't like most teenagers. She still lives with her parents, she doesn't have a job, and that's because of one thing. She doesn't talk. She can talk, she just doesn't. She sings, she stays in her room all day, starring out the window singing. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk, simply because she won't tell anyone. On her 19th birthday a special fellow comes along and maybe, just maybe, she'll open up. Or will she stay speechless forever? Is it to late to change?


12. Chapter 11

Silence- chapter 11

Today's the day, the day Harry comes back. The past month has been extremely ruff without him. Besides Bella, I'm always alone. 

There wasn't a funeral for my mother, besides me, she didn't really talk to anyone... So there was no point. 

I talked to Harry about once a week. He said that he was constantly busy on tour so he couldn't talk to me everyday. I completely understand that he's busy... But it'd be nice if he could've called me once a day... It's been so hard without him... So depressing, there's nothing to wake up to anymore. 

I'm currently waiting in the airport for Harry, his plane should be landing in about thirty minutes. I decided instead of just sitting and waiting I'd go get a coffee from Starbucks. I ordered a expresso and walked over to the magazine stand. And THAT was a mistake, or was it good? The first magazine I saw had "Haylor" written in big bold letters across the top. 

I'm not even sad, I'm furious. I trusted him, I trusted him with EVERYTHING! I told him everything! I finally trusted his love, and that's when he goes back to Taylor! I swear to god- I'm gonna slap him, I'm gonna kick him, I'm gonna humiliate him. That stupid, rotten, idiotic, foolish man. He's gonna regret messing with me. 

Womanizer. That's all he is. That's all he's ever been. 

A womanizer. 

I payed for the magazine a shoved it in my purse.

Stupid womanizer waiting my time. 




{*}•{*}•Harry's POV•{*}•{*}

I'm gonna see Scarlett again! Ahh! Oh my god, I've never been more excited in my life! All I want to do is run up to her and squeeze her! I've missed her so incredibly much, I've been so busy I barely had anytime to talk to her... It's been quite miserable actually. 

I have so much planned for today! She's going to absolutely love it! Liam nudged me with his shoulder. 

"Dude, calm down." I guess he's right, I mean I'm litterly bouncing right now, well my legs are anyway. I'm just so excited! I've never been this crazy about someone before!

"I can't!" I yelled, witch got almost everyone on the planes attention. 

"Way to get attention, Hazza." Louis said. 

"Jeeze! Can't a guy just be excited?!" I questioned. 

"Not this excited, god I swear you look like you're gonna wee yourself." I just rolled my eyes at Louis comment, I mean seriously, can't I just be excited for a change?

"Alright come on girly. Go get her." Liam said standing up. 

"Finally!" I screeched as I jumped up and pushed everyone out of my way and bolted of the plane. Once I was off the plane I finally saw Scarlett, and I ran toward her and flung my arms around her; I've never hugged anyone so tightly before. 
"I love you!" I said. 

And to my surprise, she didn't hug back, she didn't speak. She pushed me away from her and stared at me with pain in her eyes.

"Don't." And with that she walked away. 

I've only got one question; what just happened?

Liam came to my side. 

"What happened?" I stood there with my jaw dropped as I watched Scarlett walk off into the distance. 

"I- I don't know." That's all I had to say before Liam walked towards her and confronted her.


$*$) Scarlett's POV ($*$

Home. That's where I'm gonna go,  and no one can stop me. Or at least, that's what I thought, what I thought until Liam abruptly stopped in front of me- blocking my path. I tried to walk past him but he put his arm on my shoulder and stopped me from going anywhere.

"Where are you going?" Liam questioned me.

"Home." I attempted to walk past him, but, again, he stopped me.

"Do you have any idea how much you just hurt Harry?!" I looked back at Harry who was now sobbing into Zayn's shoulder.

"Do YOU have any idea how badly he hurt ME?!"

"Scarlett! What the heck are you talking about?!" I quickly shuffled through my purse and shoved the now wrinkled magazine towards Liam. 

"Um, Scarlett... Check the date." He handed me the magazine back and I did as he said. I sighed and tossed the magazine into a nearby trash can. That magazine was from five months ago.

"Shit." That's all I could say, I mean, I must've just destroyed Harry... stupid foolishness! I should've known he'd never do that to me- to anyone.

"It's okay, common mistake. I'll go talk to Harry, he'll understand, don't worry. Just wait here, I'll send him over here in a minute. Nice meeting you by the way!" I smiled and so did he. 

"Thanks Liam."

"Anytime." And with that he walked back to Harry. I sat down on a nearby bench and buried my face into my palms. 

What have I done? I stayed in that position, thinking about the same thing until I heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer to me. I looked up to see Harold, my perfect boyfriend, standing before me .

"Harry I'm-" And that's all he let me say before he crashed his lips onto mine. I couldn't help but smile through the kiss, and I felt him do the same too. I pulled away from the kiss and that's when I gave him the biggest bear-hug imaginable.
"I missed you so much, Hazzzy!"

"I missed you too. Now lets' go home, I have so much planned for us today. According to the lads, I wouldn't shut up about you the whole time. That's gotta be an exaggeration though, I mean the also said I went nocturnal." I laughed and kissed his cheek. 

"I love you Haz-a-bear." I can only imagine what surprises Harry has in stock for me, today. But whatever they are, I can guarantee I'll love it endlessly. We exited the airport and got into Harry's car. 
"What about your luggage?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"Paul will get it. I hope." I chuckled. It was silent for a few minutes until I tried apologizing again.

"Harry, I'm really sorry, I-" He cut me off, he clearly didn't want me to feel guilty.


"But Harry." I whined. "I should've known-" He cut me off, again.

"Shh. I told you it's fine." I wasn't going to let him win this battle.

"But it's not!" I protested.

"Okay, fine, you go on with you apology and when you're done I will tell you, again, that IT'S OKAY." He emphasized 'It's okay'.

"Thank you." I said will a sarcastically sass tone.
"I should've know you wouldn't do that to me. I should've trusted you more, I was rude, inconsiderate, stupid, and I'm extremely sorry." Harry chuckled.

"I really don't see why you're making such a big deal out of this." I will win this... I will.

"I have many reasons..."

"Which are?...." Harry seemed to be poking fun out of this so called 'battle'.

"Well, I love you, I should've put more faith in you. I made you cry...  I should've looked at the date, or at least notice that your hair is different in the picture, it's longer... And one more thing which I'll tell you tomorrow." That last sentence clearly grabbed all of Harry's attention, now it's time for my fun.

"Why not tell me now?" He really wants to know, I can see it in his eyes. But no, I'll tell him tomorrow, I have it all planned out. Then he remembered the rest of what I said.
"Wait! I wasn't crying! I was just, um, smelling Zayn's cologne." I raised my eyebrows at him and tossed him a teasing smile.

"That's so much better then crying." I laughed.  
"I'll tell you tomorrow, I promise, I have our whole day planned tomorrow." There's no way I'm telling him about tomorrow, I don't care how much he begs; he can wait a day. 

"At least tell me one thing! Just a hint, a clue, something! Please." I smiled and teasingly poked his nose.

"You're so cute when you beg." I opened the car door and stepped out since we arrived at a park, Harry did the same.
"I'll tell you that you'll love it, the rest is for you to imagine until tomorrow." He sighed.

"Fine." We began walking on a path through the park, but since this is Harry, I know this is going to turn into something more then just a stroll through the park. After about fifteen minutes of walking and talking about my mom's death we stopped and sat on the grass.
"Now, I have a surprise..." Okay, I know this isn't going to be a bad surprise, but I'm kinda nervous...

"I'm ready!" What else was I supposed to say? Okay? Great? To late now, I already responded!

"Okay, well... It's a song..." And with that Harry began singing, I can already fill the butterflies in my stomach and my face burn red, I can feel my smile spread a mile wide.

He sings:


Hey, don't write yourself off yet,

It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.

The courage I could always feel your eyes.

Hands are shaking cold,

These hands are meant to hold.

Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong,

Move along, move along just to make it through.

And even when your hope is gone,

Move along, Move along just to make it through.

It just takes some time,

Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride

Everything, Everything will be just fine,

Everything, Everything will be all right, all right

Hold me like you never could,

I'll hold you like I said I would.

Air or light won't breath nor shine between.

With your feather lips, yeah you fly away

Well I hope they come back down someday.

Live right now,

Yeah, just be yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're good enough (good enough)

For someone else.

It just takes some time,

Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride,

Everything, Everything will be just fine.

Everything, Everything will be all right, all right.

And nobody's gonna try for you.

And nobody's gonna lie for you.

Nobody's gonna do like I for you.

Nobody's gonna try for you.

Nobody's gonna do like I for you.

Somebody's getting by for you.

I don't bend, I just break in two.

Somebody like me...

I'd die for you (for you)!

Hey, don't write yourself off yet,

It's only in your head  you feel left out (feel left out).

And don't worry what their bitter hearts (bitter hearts),

Are gonna say.

Everything, Everything will be just fine

Everything, Everything will be all right!

When everything is wrong, we move along (Go on, go on, go on, go on).

When everything is wrong, we move along

Along, along, along.

Right back what is wrong,

We move along.


I can't possible think of words to describe what just happened... That was... So... Incredible. I sit here, on the ground, next to Harry with the biggest smile on my face and slow tears falling. I wiped away my tears and asked the only question I had. 

"You wrote that?" He shrugged his shoulders, as if it was nothing.

"Well, I mixed lyrics from multiple songs. I would've wrote a song myself but I'm actually really bad at writing lyrics." He chuckled, I can easily tell he's nervous. 

"Harry... That was absolutely incredible... Thank you." I flung my arms around Harry and hugged him tighter then ever before.  

"You're very welcome." He said with a chuckle. 

"I love you so much... Now there's no way I'm ever letting you go again." He smiled and pulled me away from the hug staring at me. 

"I never wanted to leave, I'm all yours." He smiled. 
"Forever and always... I'm never leaving, there's no where I'd be happier. No where." I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

"Good. Because you're never getting farther then arms length from me now. Go ahead, try, it won't work." He chuckled and excepted my challenge. And the second he stood up I tackled him to the ground. 

"Geesh! I didn't even get an inch away! This is no fair!" I laughed and let him sit up. We sat for a moment observing the beautiful scenery and all of the sudden Harry stood up and started to run. I rolled my eyes, like he thought I'd forget. I quickly stood up and lunged myself on top of him, tackling him to the ground. I smiled,

"I wasn't kidding." He laughed. 

"Okay, you win. Now lets go, I've got more planned!" I stood up along with Harry and we walked back to the car hand in hand. 

And at that moment I realized something I've never thought could happen. 

Harry's my world. 

He really is. I have no brothers or sisters, every parent I ever had died. Besides him and Bella, I have nothing. 

Nothing at all. 



{%}•{%}•Harry's POV•{%}•{%}


Scarlett's going to love this, even more then me singing to her. I told the boys to meet us at Louis house. He has the biggest back yard out of the five of us. Since Scarlett didn't properly meet any of the boys I figured she'd like to properly meet them. So anyway, were all meeting a Louis place to play some football (soccer). We pulled into Louis driveway and Scarlett had a worried look on her face. 

"Who's house are we at?!" I tried my hardest to reassure her that everything's okay without giving anything away. I reached over and grabbed her hand. 

"It's okay, love. Trust me." And by me saying that, the look on her face completely disappeared and she eagerly jumped out of the car and ran to my side. I chuckled. 

"Someone's an eager one today." She laughed. 

"Actually I just don't want to walk. Give me a piggy back ride? Pleassssse?" She begged. I sighed witch turned into a chuckle. 

"Okay. Hop on." And so she did, she's actually a lot lighter then I expected.  I walked into Louis backyard with Scarlett on my shoulders. There the boys stood, dressed in some sort of uniform. 

"Uniforms?" I questioned and Louis responded. 

"Yup! Yours and Scarlett's and inside on the kitchen table." I set Scarlett down on the ground and they all greeted each other. It made me so happy to see that they welcomed her. Me and her walked inside and got dressed in the uniforms the boys must've ordered. They were black and white stripped with our last names on the back and a number one through six. There was also solid black shorts, I assume Louis the fashion master made the uniforms. 

After we got dressed we walked back downstairs and outside. We walked out only to find Louis and Niall tackling each other across the yard. I shoot Liam a questioning look. 

"This is what happens when you tell them to split the last sandwich." Scarlett laughed and I just rolled my eyes. The lads finally stopped and we divided up into teams. 

Me Liam and Zayn against Scarlett Louis and Niall. According to the boys it'd be 'unfair' for me and Scarlett to be on the same team. Oh well, Scarlett and I are both really competitive so this should end very well. 

After a short ten minutes the game was over. Scarlett, Louis and Niall won. Who knew a girl could be so good at a sport. I mean, she kicked butt, Louis and Niall would've never one without her. Not that fast anyway, and the worst part is we lost to the mercy rule. I looked at my watch and it's already nine. 

"Love, we should go home." She nodded and so we did, we went home.

I just can't wait till tomarrow, when she tells me that one thing she refused to tell me in the car. Whatever it is, it must be important. 




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