Silence (A Harry Styles FanFiction)

Eighteen year old, Scarlet Nights isn't like most teenagers. She still lives with her parents, she doesn't have a job, and that's because of one thing. She doesn't talk. She can talk, she just doesn't. She sings, she stays in her room all day, starring out the window singing. Nobody knows why she doesn't talk, simply because she won't tell anyone. On her 19th birthday a special fellow comes along and maybe, just maybe, she'll open up. Or will she stay speechless forever? Is it to late to change?


1. Chapter 1

I don't talk, I sing. I don't sing to people, I sing away from people. It's been six years since I last spoke. There's only one reason that I smile, and that's because of One Direction. I wouldn't consider myself a directioner, but I do have posters of them. They really are the only reason I smile, that I wake up, that I'm alive. I've suffered from desperation since I was seven. Only I know why, I refuse to tell anyone, it's not their business. I'd be dead if it wasn't for those five British angles. They help people who need it, they travel the world putting smiles on faces, they made a charity single to help raise money for comic relief, they went to Ghana to visit suffering kids. The thoughts of all those sweet things they do put a smile on my face, and without that smile I would've killed myself years ago. I've thought about it, I've come so close, but then I realize something, somebody out there does care. I just have to find them. I heard footsteps coming towards my door. My mom opened the door and stepped halfway in. 
    "Happy birthday Scarlet!" I nodded in appreciation. I don't have birthday parties, what's the point? I don't talk anyway. I don't get gifts. I don't want them. "I know we don't usually get you gifts... I know you don't want them... But this year we got you something." I nodded signaling that I was listening. "I'll bring it up latter." I nodded once more and my mom left my sight and my door was closed once more. I was already dressed, jean shorts, converse, and a skin tight British flag shirt. My light brown hair laid straight down to the middle of my back. I stood up and walked over to my closet, I pulled out my guitar and my notebook. I wrote my own songs, but I only sang them when I was sure nobody could hear me. My songs revealed things nobody else could know. I sat back down on the corner of my bed, I opened up my notebook and began strumming the strings. I began singing in what I would call my soothing, angelic voice. 
    "Only I know. Only I can know. Nobody else cares. They never will. I'm fine living my life in the silence. I like being alone. Nobody cares what I have to say. And that's how it's meant to be. Only I know. Only I can know. Only I care. Only I can care." I heard a quiet squeak. I quickly turned around startled. I looked directly to my door. Harry Styles was standing in my door. I wasn't stars struck. I was mad, scared, upset, somebody herd me singing, somebody knew- they knew part of it. A British accent filled my ears as he walked in the room and sat beside me. 
    "You have an absolutely beautiful voice. It's so angelic, it's a god given gift, I've never heard anything like it before." I smiled shyly at him hoping he knew I wasn't going to talk. "Your mom told me you don't talk... Me and the boys where here in France so I wanted to just stop and say happy birthday." I nodded showing my appreciation. "But now I have something more to say..." I starred into his dark green eyes waiting for him to continue. "Somebody does care, I care. And... If you ever need someone, I'm here for you. If you ever want to talk to someone about anything, I'm here. I don't care if I'm in china, I'll come. I don't know what it is, but if you trust me, I'd love to know. You're secret safe with me, Scarlet." I smiled, quickly reached over and grabbed my notebook finding an empty page. I wrote:
Thanks Harry, means a lot. Sorry, it's hard to open up this soon. Maybe someday though.... Any chance I can have your number though? So that if I'm ready, if I need you, I can call you?
I handed him the page and he smiled. "Sure. Where's your phone?" I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I placed it in his hand and watched him enter his number ever so gracefully. He stood up rubbing the back of his neck. "We'll I guess I should go." I stood up and through my arms around him. My head sunk into his neck. There was something about him that made me feel so safe, he made me feel important, like I actually belonged. I didn't want him to go. I wanted to tell him, tell him everything. But I can't, not yet anyway. I let go of him, he smiled and left the room. As he walked out the door he spoke one last time. "Nice meeting you! Hope to see you again sometime!" I don't even know how to describe what just happened. Harry Styles was in my room. And somehow, he made me feel special, wanted, loved. He was more then just a guy to me. He's not just from One Direction anymore. He's the guy who makes me feel like I'm worth living. I mean, I have his number but- I'll probably never see him again. My mom probably paid him to come out here, and to say all that stuff. Him and the boys are so busy why would he just free willingly stop at a fans house to say "Happy Birthday"?




*•*•*Authors Note*•*•*

    Hello! Sorry this chapter is short but I hope you liked it! It's late at night and I wanted to finnish it tonight so.... Yeah. Please vote, comment, and share if you liked it! And to every person who shares, votes, or comments: thank you so much! It means a lot.   If you have any suggestions please comment! Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! Bye!

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