The Interplanetary Circuit

We are in the year 3000. Things have settled. No wars, no famine, no injustice, anymore. We are the Universe. Limitless. In constant fluctuation.


2. The End of Sex

- "The little ones? Oh, you mean the ancestors of Riffy?"

- "Yes, Riffy, your little friend can tell you more. His father was one of the great Saviors of mankind. He taught what was missing."

- "What do you mean?"

- "What do you think?"

- "So they were warring all the time and telling lies to each other. How can we solve the problem? Tell the truth with infinite love?"

- "Right."

- "With infinite patience."

- "You know, it took so many centuries. It's really sad. But after everyone understood the right way of living and the truth of the universal dimensions, we were catapulted right into immediate paradise. It's amazing and so simple at the same time.

- "I also saw images of women and men doing sexual intertwining actions. What's the purpose?"

- "Primitive people had to do it, in order to procreate. There was a sex drive programmed into each primitive human gene. But the little ones deprogrammed us from it."

- "Thank Universe. Seems like a lot of trouble to get to this climax."

- "But it's kind of boring now, don't you think?"

- "I don't want to get that close to others. We already share the same magnetic field. That's more than enough."

- "Correct."


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