The Interplanetary Circuit

We are in the year 3000. Things have settled. No wars, no famine, no injustice, anymore. We are the Universe. Limitless. In constant fluctuation.


3. The arrival of the new Hypergod

He's back. The Great Master. No one can look at him directly. He's energy field is too monstrous. The beings of the galaxy gather and take a break from their constant meditations. He has some news from the multidimensions. Things are going as planned and the Cycle of New Levels is approaching. What will exactly happen, nobody knows. Only that something magnificent will happen is for certain.


Before we get into the New Levels, we need to explain to you the Old Levels of Reality. Of course, there is the Level of Stability and the Level of Dreams and the Level of Souls and the Level of Darkness and the Level of Warm Light. The New Levels will introduce the mixing of the Levels and with it the unpredictability.

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