The Interplanetary Circuit

We are in the year 3000. Things have settled. No wars, no famine, no injustice, anymore. We are the Universe. Limitless. In constant fluctuation.


1. How things work

"Why shouldn't things work?" a child asked her teacher. The teacher smiled knowingly. "Yes, it's really absurd to kill, to lie, to get depressed, to fight and shout. But a thousand years ago, you know, mankind was like a baby. So blind and stupid and scared. And with no empathy nor telepathy. Thank Universe, those ages are gone forever."


The child looked at the images being sent to her brain, flashbacks, impressions, newsreels. All that constant warring felt so exotic. Not scary, not horrific, simply mysterious. She couldn't imagine ever hurting anyone. Every one year old knows nowadays that there are no separate beings. She started to imagine her early state of being, when her interconnectedness wasn't developed yet. Like when she was around 3 months of age. Yes, she saw everything blurry and the voices were hard to locate. Aha, yes. People weren't evil. They were simply imprecise. They weren't quite tuned in.


"But how come they didn't get it, like for 80 or 150 years in their lifetime? You have to see through all the ignorance some time, no?" The child was still confused. The teacher patted the child's blond, curly hair. "OK, honey. You have to understand the power of Hypnosis. Nowadays, no one can do it anymore. It has become useless, obsolete. But in the 20th century, there were some pretty mean guys, doing it, like on a mass level. Fortunately, in the year 2020, the masses of our dear planet, finally got it. With a little help from our neighbors: The little ones.

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