the drama life of one direction

one direction are pumped about going to america for the first time, but they just want to be regular boys and live a normal life sometimes....will they run into someone who understands?


2. the WEIRDEST dream


im running. all i see is white light and no noise. like im def.  i just keep running nowhere. just keep running into the white. then way at the other end. i see someone. i run to the person screaming for help. but he doesnt hear me. so i keep screaming and running. i finally reach the person. its its.....

i wake up breatheless and confused........i dont remember anything.......i get up, go downstairs and theres a note on the table

hi honey! i went out with your father...heres some money for lunch and dinner if we arent back

love you!

-MOM and DAD-

"mhhm" i say to  myself... i grab the money and run up to my room. there i make my bed and i grabbed my laptop. i skyped brittany and invited her over. she knocked on the door a few minutes later. we watched dark skies. then we ordered pizza around 2pm. "that will be 15.99" the pizza guy said. "thanks bye" i said as i hand him the money. we both have 2 slices then we save the rest of the pizza for mom and dad... speaking of mom..she texted me and told me she wont be back til 10:30 tonight.....

brittany sleeps over of course..  we stil have 30$ left so we just spend it on a movie and pop and candy......i feel like a 5year  ld all over again......... my parents come home and we go to my room and of course go on our phones.....til we fall asleep......


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