the drama life of one direction

one direction are pumped about going to america for the first time, but they just want to be regular boys and live a normal life sometimes....will they run into someone who understands?


1. one direction is coming to town


"can you BELIEVE one direction is coming to OUR city to perform?!?" brittany said while jump roping on my porch. "i cant believe it but, we may have a chance of meeting them!!" i say very happily licking my ice cream cone. i live in miami, florida. i am 19 years old. my room is full of one direction... i mean. theyre ADORABLE. brittany stops to get a drink of water. "and you KNOW who i wanna meet" she says picking up the water bottle. i roll my eyes and we both say it together. "NIALL" we both say. we both start laughing. i love my best friend brittany. but i just hope this one direction concert doesnt ruin our friendship. we have been friends since 3. our parents worked together at the hospital they were both nurses. she puts the water bottle down and sits next to me. im on my phone looking at pictures of harry. i feel like im in a frikkin dream when i see his face.. " hillary loves harry! hillary loves harry!" she starts singing loudly and poking me. i start blushing " SHUT UP" i playfully push her and start laughing. then i realize its pitch black outside. "im gonna go in brittany, ill text you later." i tell her "okay" she said. she lives two houses down so we both part ways... i run inside and up the stairs to my room. i jump into my bed and stare at the one direction poster on the ceiling....and at some point i fell asleep with my harry doll in my arms...


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