The Consequences of Burning Desire

Slightly on the lengthier side, which is a first. Maybe it's because the others have been based on tiny fractions of time and sensations. Or maybe it's because I couldn't condense a few months into eight lines. It's probably because the truth needs time to shine through. It's not a story as it still hasn't finished but i feel as though it's nearing the end of a chapter.


1. The Consequences of Burning Desire


The Consequences of Burning Desire 


Our ending did not
Initiate wildfire but
Instead deeply burnt the soil

beneath us.

You were broken

Searching for a flame to 

Set alight your soul
But I was only a flicker 
That blew out too soon.

Insecurity filled our minds

Both afraid that reflections in a 
Sheet of glass would define us.

Too cautious for love
Too young for lust
Our defense we built 
Soon crumbled.

Nostalgia becomes me and I think
Of our hands finding each other
The sentiment that once lulled
My inner yearning. 

When you shattered the 
Fragile pieces of me
I ached for the comfort 
You provided. 
But time 
Soothed the cracks and 
Left me numb.

Our beginning was gentle 
Our middle was peaceful.
Our story is no tragedy but it still leaves 
A minor scar
A souvenir 
My fingertips still trace 
To reinforce the memories.

At first our combined sparks

Tried to make a fire
To give us light
To keep us warm.
But you must have forgotten 
The fire was dangerous 
As you let the burning

Turn my heart into ashes.

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