dark (harry styles fan fiction)


1. 1

                                                                 I was at a party and this boy with black hair and brown eyes came in he wave at someone and it was the boy behind me the boy behind me had green orbs brown curly hair I walk by a hour later and the guy with green eyes grab me and kiss my neck living a love bite I moan in pain and he let go and left a redish and purpleish park on me I got mad he grab my phone and texted himself so he has my number so I got mad and just left. I got home took a shower came out naked to get dress and I got a text I look at it and it said you should really close the certain before you come out of the bathroom naked xH I got scare drop my phone and close the certain and I said what do you mean and he said im Harry and im outside your window and I got scare got dress look out my window nobody was there so I lay down in my bed and got a text from harry saying what kind of panites are you wearing I said why do you want too know you creep and he said because I want to know

me:will im so not telling you bye


Harry:just give me a chance please


I woke up the next morning and my mum came in and said Hailey their is this guy downstairs he says his name is Harry and wants too see you me "mum you let him in you dont know him"  he said he new you so I let him in he seems like a young gentleman" "but mum" just come down" fine you groan and came down talk to Harry for a while  "hey Hailey mum said why dont you walk Harry out the door it is time for him to go like you said so you did walk outside and shut the door and he push me against the wall and kiss your neck leaving another love bite you push him away he gave you a smirk and said tonight at 9 for dinner where something sexy and you put your hair on your shoulders so no one could see it and went inside


at least 2 votes and i will post chapter 2

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