Secrets, Lies, and Affairs.

Perrie's life isn't going so well lately, I mean who's would if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends, but that was last year when she was a 10th grader. Now she is a junior and she is trying to turns things around. The year starts out great she meets Zayn Mailk, which is her crush, and everything is perfect to her. But Zayn and her start to become serious and they start to sneak around because Zayn has a girlfriend, but just not any other girl, the most popular girl of all, well what do you exspect from the star quaterback aka Zayn. Zayn is torn between chosing Perrie or popularity. Zayn has the power to save Perrie from depression but also has the power to put her in it. Will he give up everything he has worked for, for the girl he loves? I hope so.


8. What Are They Hiding

A little down the road I pulled over to call Jade. "Hello?" She said. "Hey can we talk?" I asked. "Sure." She replyed. " you want to come over?" I asked. "Yeah I'll be there in a minute." She said. "Thanks. Bye see you in a minute." I added. "Bye" She said while hanging up. I drove to my house quickly. I ran inside and up to my room. I barley noticed my dad. *knock *knock. "Come in." I said. My dad walked in. "Your friend Jade is here." He said. "OK" I said. "I'll send her up." He said while pointing downstairs. "OK" I replyed. He walked out. Then a couple seconds later Jade came in. "Hey." She said while coming over to my bed. "Hey" I said. "You wanted to talk" she said while sitting on my bed. "Yeah....its about Niall. He is really against the whole I like Zayn thing." I said. "He just really doesn't like Zayn that's all." She reassured me. "Yeah I know, but he won't tell me why. He just said that I wouldn't understand and that he'll tell me later when we had more time. I just don't understand why he is keeping secrets from me I mean Iam one of his best friends right?" I said feeling a little emotional. "Well he may have a good reason why he hasn't told you." She said in a kind of defensive tone. "Well I hope" I replyed. "Maybe he is just trying to protect you from something that will obvious hurt you, and maybe he is tired of you getting hurt by guys all the time. We're both tired of you getting hurt." She said in a frustrated voice. Which was weird for her because she rarely got angry, annoyed, or frustrated. She was always so calm, cool, and she had the best advice for people who were going trough tough times. "Is there something you and him aren't telling me?" I asked in a suspicious tone. "No no Iam just saying that he may have a good reason why he was keeping it from you." She said in a nervous voice. I knew she was hiding something as well. I knew it was the same exact thing that Niall was hiding. Then it hit me it must be something really bad if both of my best friends have been hiding it. "I how's you and Harry?" I asked trying to change the subject to a less intense mood. "We're good.....Shay tried to make a rumor again about Harry sleeping with her." She said playing with her thumbs. "Oh......and did you believe her?" I asked. "No I knew it was a lie when she started the rumor." She replyed. " If you don't mind me asking." I said while getting up to look for a movie. "Well you know how Shay is a very smart girl" she said sarcastically. "Yeah" I replyed laughing. "Well she told everybody the exact time and date when they supposedly did it and on that exact date at the exact time Harry was at my house having dinner with my parents." She said while laughing. "Well Shay was never the brightest Crayola in the box." I said chuckling. "You got that right." She giggled. "Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked. "Sure...what movie?" She asked in a enthusiastic voice. "Uuumm how about the vow?" I said. I really was in the mood for a romantic movie. I guess you could say I always wanted to live like a romantic movie. I wished one day I would find a guy who would do anything to get me to remember him, but if I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum said he was my husband I wouldn't question it. "Sure I love that movie." She said. "I'll get some popcorn" I said while leaving my room.

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