Secrets, Lies, and Affairs.

Perrie's life isn't going so well lately, I mean who's would if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends, but that was last year when she was a 10th grader. Now she is a junior and she is trying to turns things around. The year starts out great she meets Zayn Mailk, which is her crush, and everything is perfect to her. But Zayn and her start to become serious and they start to sneak around because Zayn has a girlfriend, but just not any other girl, the most popular girl of all, well what do you exspect from the star quaterback aka Zayn. Zayn is torn between chosing Perrie or popularity. Zayn has the power to save Perrie from depression but also has the power to put her in it. Will he give up everything he has worked for, for the girl he loves? I hope so.


10. Nightmare

I really didn't pay any attention to the movie I just thought about what Jade said. I loved getting advice from her she always knew exactly what to say to make me fell better. i didn't want to stop talking to Zayn in fact every time someone told me that i shouldn't hang out with him only made me want to be around him more. Iam not sure why, but the thought of not being able to see his face, or his eyes made me sick at my stomach. There was something about him that made me interested maybe it was his dark eyes or maybe his mysteriousness. Before i realized it i fell asleep. I was dreaming about Zayn of course, but this was a different kind of dream that i never had before. It starts out good with me and Zayn talking, but the the scene changes it gets dark and creepy. It was pitch black i couldn't see anything. I started to scream but no noise came out. Finally there was a little light just enough so i can see Zayn. We were holding hands but then he let go, and as he let go I saw him go into Alana's arms. After he let go I fell down what seemed to be a never ending black whole. I screamed while i was falling. I was awaken by Jade shaking me. "Wake up Perrie!" She exclaimed. I finally came back to reality. "What happened?" I asked in confusion. "You were screaming. I think you were having a nightmare." She said in a calm voice. "Oh...well I guess it must have been a scary dream." I said. Then I remember the fall. The movie was over and it was about 9:30. "Well I better get going before my my mum starts worrying." She said while she sat up and grabbed her things. "Thanks for listening. It means a lot." I said while pulling her in for a hug. "Anytime just call me whenever you need to talk." She replyed while returning the hug. I walked her to her car and said goodbye. I got back I'm room and looked at the clock. It was 9:45. I should go to bed so I can wake up early and actually get ready for school. I quickly change into my PJ's and played down on my bed. It was about 9:50 when my mum walked in. "Hey honey." She said while sitting at the foot of my bed. "Hey." I said while sitting up. "I just wanted to say goodnight." She said in a sad tone. I could tell dad just left. She normally came and said good night while at the door but when my dad leaves she comes in a sits down. "Dad left didn't he" I asked. "Yeah, he has a emergency at the hospital." She said still a little sad. "Oh Iam sorry" I said still a little bit tired. "Its fine I just came to say goodnight." She said while getting g closer for a hug. I sat up more and hugged her. "Goodnight mum love you." I said squeezing a little bit. She squeezed back. "Love you to." After that she got up and left my room. I quickly returned to sleeping.

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