Secrets, Lies, and Affairs.

Perrie's life isn't going so well lately, I mean who's would if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends, but that was last year when she was a 10th grader. Now she is a junior and she is trying to turns things around. The year starts out great she meets Zayn Mailk, which is her crush, and everything is perfect to her. But Zayn and her start to become serious and they start to sneak around because Zayn has a girlfriend, but just not any other girl, the most popular girl of all, well what do you exspect from the star quaterback aka Zayn. Zayn is torn between chosing Perrie or popularity. Zayn has the power to save Perrie from depression but also has the power to put her in it. Will he give up everything he has worked for, for the girl he loves? I hope so.


14. I Understand

Zayn's POV: "Yeah can't wait" she said while flashing me her gorgeous smile. I couldn't but help to return a smile. There was something about Perrie that was so, so, so well so Perrie. There was no words that could describe her none at all. I don't know why but I just wanted to scoop her up in my arms and run away from this place right then when she smiled at me. The bell rang indicating that 3rd period was over and 4th is about to start. "What class are you going to?" I asked while breaking the silence. "Ugh. English" she replyed unamused. "Well I have to go World History.....but Iam not really feeling it today" I said while flashing a smile. "Oh so what are you planing to skip?" She asked while nudging me. "No its just I haven't used one of my passes yet so I thought I may use one." I smiled returning the nudge. I was so glad that we are juniors, because when you become a junior you get the passes which let you leave school and you won't be counted absent. You get 9 passes when your a junior and 11 when our a senior. If you don't use all your passes your junior year than they will be added to your senior passes. Which I don't mind skipping school at all. "Oh yeah that's right we have passes now" she said while putting her blond hair behind her ear. "Yeah.....maybe you could join me in going to get lunch early? My treat." I said hoping that she'll say yes. "Sure as long as we go get some pizza." She said in a enthusiastic tone. "Yeah that's what I was planing on eating anyway." I said in a chuckle. "Well good then. So do we just go to the office?" She asked. "Yeah I think so." I replyed. The walk to the office was silent but it wasn't awkward. We finally got to the office door, I opened it fro her. "Why thank you" she said in a playful voice. "Your very welcome" I said returning the playful voice. We walked up to the desk. "Hey Leigh-Anne" Perrie said to the girl behind the desk. "Weren't y'all just here?" Leigh asked. "Yeah....we came to get passes?" Perrie asked as she set her binder on the counter. "The booth of you?" Leigh asked with one eyebrow cocked. I could till that she was trying to figure out why we wanted passes. "We were going to get some lunch early" I said. "Oh well I'll need you to sign this" Leigh said while handing us a clapboard. We quickly signed our names and returned the clipboard. "Here you go" Leigh said while handing us to passes. "Thanks see you later" Perrie said over her shoulder while walking to the door. I quickly opened it before she could touch it. "Are your going to do that every time there's a door?" She asked while walking out. "Yes" I said. "Oh well then I may not say thank you every time, because there are a lot of doors, and eventually the word thank you will get annoying." She said with a laugh. I felt a huge smile on my face appear. Her laugh can make my day the best day ever, well just being around her in general makes my day better. "What?" She asked refuting to my smile. "Oh nothing....its just that your laugh is cute." I said with a hint of flirt. "You are such a flirt Zayn" she said while pushing me. "Hey look another door" I said pointing at the door trying to change the subject. "You see I told you so. What isn't that like the third door today" she said. I opened the door. "Your welcome" I said with a sly smirk on my face. She started to blush a little and then she smiled. I could tell she likes me, I don't know why but she doesn't want to show it. She hides it every time it shows. Well that's girls for you there just so complicated sometimes. As I was lost in thought I barley noticed my car right in front of me, and SMACK I run right into it. I could hear Perrie laughing, but the she rushed to my aid. I wasn't hurt just stunned, but I stayed on the ground. I ran into the side mirror with my head, I guess I was looking down or something. "Are you OK" she asked trying to be concerned but she was still laughing. "Yeah Iam fine" I got up and rubbed my head, it hurt a little bit but I was distracted by Perrie to even feel it throb in my skull. I was staring into her beautiful blue eyes. I could tell she was starting to get uncomfortable. "What? If I have something on my face please tell me" she said. "No there's nothing on your face" I assured her. "Well I don't mean to sound rude, but then what are you staring at?" She asked in a quite tone. "I just never seen someone so beautiful." I said in a serious tone, because I was being dead serious I have never seen someone as beautiful has her in my entire life. She started to blush. "Thanks, but Iam not that beautiful" she said with her face suddenly towards the ground. I quickly got closer and grabbed her chin, lifted her head to where we were making full eye contacts. "You are beautiful Perrie, and don't let anyone tell you different especially yourself." I said with. My voice getting a bit dry. I leaned into her face, our foreheads where touching now. I grabbed her chin, and right as I was about to pull her close to my lips she moved and kissed my forehead where I ran into the car mirror. "Well my head feels a lot better." I said. "Zayn we can't" she said while turning her head. I understood why, but I wanted to kiss her so badly. "Maybe we should get going, my stomach is starting to growl" she said while biting her lip. "Agreed" I said laughing trying to lighten the mood a bit. She was walking towards the passenger door, and I quickly rushed over and opened it. "Hhhmm that makes 4 I believe." She said while laughing. " are going to be counting for a while" I said before I closed the door. I rushed to the drivers side and hoped in. I turned on the radio because the ride was a bit quite.

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