Secrets, Lies, and Affairs.

Perrie's life isn't going so well lately, I mean who's would if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends, but that was last year when she was a 10th grader. Now she is a junior and she is trying to turns things around. The year starts out great she meets Zayn Mailk, which is her crush, and everything is perfect to her. But Zayn and her start to become serious and they start to sneak around because Zayn has a girlfriend, but just not any other girl, the most popular girl of all, well what do you exspect from the star quaterback aka Zayn. Zayn is torn between chosing Perrie or popularity. Zayn has the power to save Perrie from depression but also has the power to put her in it. Will he give up everything he has worked for, for the girl he loves? I hope so.


16. How Baby's Are Made

"LOUIS" Perrie shouted with the same enthusiasm he had while letting go of my hands. "What are you doing" she asked him. "I had a doctors appointment for my hand" he said while pointing at his bandaged hand. "Oh" she replyed. "Well do you mind if I join y'all?" He asked. "Yeah sure." I said with my gaze still on Perrie. She was so beautiful. Her blonde hair, her amazing blue eyes, and her personality. Nobody's perfect but I think she is as close as they come. He came and sat down next to Perrie. "Louis this is Zayn" Perrie was introducing us, but we already knew each other. "I think we met before." Louis said while extending his hands in front of me gesturing me to shake it. "Maybe once I believed." I said while shacking his hand. "Y'all know each other" Perrie asked with one eyebrow raised. "Something like that" Louis said while letting go. We did know each other pretty good I mean you get to know someone when they are your partner in a fight. Louis was one of my partners but Niall was my normal one occasionally Jared, or Harry would be one. I don't fight anymore, because of my last fight messed me up pretty bad. Jared was my partner and we where fighting these two normal sized guys, so we thought it would be easy. Well we got one down and we had the taller one left and we would've had him if Jared wouldn't have run away and left me. It took about 5 minutes for them to sound the bell. We won but I got beaten up pretty bad. Two broken rips a black eye and a sprained wrist. Iam so mad at Jared for that because I had to sit out two football games. I also despise him for what he did to Perrie. " how do y'all know each other." Perrie asked. "Family friend" I answered with no emotion. I didn't know if Perrie knew about the whole UGFC so I wasn't going to say anything about it, and I guess Louis agreed because he didn't say anything about it either. "Well do you mind if I eat with y'all." He asked trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Nah its ok" I said in a lighter mood. "Good because I wasn't sure if me and him could eat one pizza by our self" Perrie said in her cute laugh. "Haha whatever Perrie. You could eat a whole pizza by yourself." Louis said in a laugh, his wasn't as cute as hers. "Only if Iam at home and not in public" she said in a chuckle. " Zayn how you been?" Louis asked changing the subject. "Good.... I got a week detention with Perrie." I said laughing and smiling towards Perrie. "Oh is that what was happening today in music? I was asleep so I didn't really get to see the action." He said with a smirk on his face. "Yeah I got in trouble." Perrie said while reaching for her drink. "Oh what happened? Why did y'all get detention?" He asked. "Well Alana said that a song was stupid and blamed it on Perrie, and Mrs.Garcia believed Alana." I said in a kind of agitated voice. "Oh so why do you have detention." Louis asked a bit confused. "I was trying to tell Mrs.Garcia that Perrie didn't say it and she didn't agree with me. So she asked if I wanted to join her and I said yes." I said with a smile. She smiled back. I could tell Louis was noticing that there was something between us, but he never said anything. We finally got our pizza. "So how's your hand?" I asked a bit curious to what happened to it. "Ehh...its ok could be better though." He said while lifting his hand and looking at it. "Haha yeah I bet, so how did you do it? If you don't mind me asking." I said while grabbing another slice of pizza. "I was at the supermarket, getting a carrot and my wrist just snapped." He said while laughing a little. "Haha when Niall told me it I couldn't stop laughing." Perrie said with food still in her mouth, but covering her mouth with her hand.I liked how she was so outgoing not shy to be herself around me, or Louis, but Louis is her friend so I guess he's use to her being her self around him. "Uuumm that's a interesting way to hurt yourself." I said laughing, but I really didn't buy it. Yesterday Me and Liam my old fight trainer,well he was Louis, Harry, and Niall's fight trainer as well, we'll me and him where talking and he said that Louis had a bad fight Saturday night, and he said that Louis had to go to the hospital. "I agree" Perrie said while nudging Louis. "Well if y'all we'll excuse me I have to go to the bathroom." Perrie said as Louis got up to let Perrie out of the booth. She left towards the restroom. "So a carrot did that to your hand? For some reason I don't buy it" I said my voice a bit too serious. "Not exactly....." he said while looking at the ground. "Well Louis. What happened?" I asked in a demanding voice. I wasn't trying to sound demanding that's just how it came out. "Alright calm down..... I was fighting Saturday and I threw a punch and got my hand stuck in the fence and the guy I was fighting decided to use that to his advantage. So he broke my wrist." "Was he new? Dose he not know that you can't hurt them until they get unstuck?" I said a little angry. That was one of the big rules, and if you break a big rule you will most likely get kicked out. "Yeah I think he was new, but his trainer never told him the rules, I not mad at the dude he was pretty fun to fight. He was a challenge and I like challenges, but I can't hold a grudge on a guy who didn't know the rules" he said while grabbing his 5th slice of pizza, I was still on my 4th slice. "Was he from the streets?" I asked while checking at my phone. It was 11:16 and lunch starts at 12:10 and 5th starts at 12:45 I think Iam not to sure. "Yeah. Actually this was his first fight, he did really well but I won in the end I couldn't have a first timer beat me. That would be embarrassing." He said with a chuckle. "Yeah it would be....remember when Jared was beaten by a first timer, and he try to say that the guy cheated, but we all know that he won fair and square." I said in laughter. "Yeah Jared has always been a sore loser." "Yeah and he is also a prick....well at least I think he's a prick." I said in a serious tone. I started to get mad again at the thought of Jared. "Well I would think the same thing if he left me in a fight and I got beaten pretty bad." "Yeah, but that's not the only reason why I despise him" I said with my temperature slowly rising. "Oh...well what's the other reason?" He asked in a little confused voice. "Well Perrie told me that he cheated on her....I mean is he really that stupid to give up someone like her?" I said filled with rage. I could tell he knew my feelings about Perrie. "What's going on with you and Perrie?" He asked. "I don't know...." I said looking away from his gaze. "What do you mean you dot know? Why all of a sudden dose the star quarterback, that has a girlfriend, start hanging out with someone you probably never noticed at school before" he asked in a angry tone. "I don't know I like her a lot and I just can't stay away from her....I tried to kiss her earlier....but she rejected me" I said sounding a little hurt. "You did what? How could you do that to her? Don't you know what she's been trough? And now your trying to get with her while you already have a girlfriend. You are just setting her up to get hurt." He said with the same amount of anger in his voice. "I plan on breaking up with Alana so I can be with her, but I don't know if she likes me back...and if I break up with Alana for Perrie then Alana is going to make Perrie's life a living hell....and I can't let that happen to her...but I can't just let her go." I started to get emotional at the thought of losing her. "Well all I can say is that you better treat her like a princesses or I will find you and beat you till you are black and blue." He said in more of a serious tone. "I know I would never hurt her intentionally" I said gaining my cool again. "Now you don't like Jared because?" He asked a little confused. "He cheated on Perrie with one of her good friends." I finished with a crack in my voice. "Oh yeah I remember.....I have horrible memory. Yeah remember we where having a team meeting and it was just me, Harry, Jared and you. And I think it was like 3 days later after that party, well Jared wouldn't shut up about how he was having sex with a hot girl and Harry got really mad and almost decked him in the face." He finally finished. "Oh he was talking about having sex with Shay" I said recalling that night. "Yeah that explains everything" I said still stunned that Jared is stupid enough to agitate Harry. "What explains everything?" Perrie asked while sneaking up behind me. "Oh umm...ummm..well we where just talking about..." "How baby's are made" Louis interrupted. " what's your conclusion?" Perrie asked in a laugh. "Your ears are to young to know" Louis said with his normal sass. "Just tell me" she demanded. "Alright... when a mommy and daddy love each other very much the send a letter to the white house saying they want a kid. They tell them what hair color, eye color, skin color, and gender. So the white house have a babymaker9000 and it makes a powder that they send to Minnesota and have I person mix the powder up into a clay and bake it. Then the give it to a clay molder and the clay molder shapes a baby. He then puts it in a box and sends it to a magical place where they put magical stuff on the baby and then they shrink it down and send it to the mother. Then the mother eats it and waits 9 months then it comes out of the mothers belly button." He said finishing with a smirk on his face. "That's interesting. So what does the mom do after she has the child?" She asked. "What women are meant and cleaning." He said with full sass in his voice. "Excuse you? How about the dad gets of his butt and cooks and cleans for 9 months and let the mom rest for 9 months" she said with her hand on her hips now. "Nope the women's are meant to clean and cook" Louis repeated. "Oh well I don't think Becka would agree. Maybe I should call her and tell her what you just said" Perrie said with her arms crossed, you could tell they where playing. Becka was Louis girlfriend. She goes to a different school so he doesn't see her a lot, but he tries to see her every chance he gets. "Haha what will she do?" He said in a kind of evil chuckle. "She will tell you to be nice and that your wrong" Perrie replayed with some sassyness. "Ha no one tells the Queen what to do....peasants have no control over me." He said still with a chuckle. "Oh really now I am definitely going to tell her you said that." She said while pulling out her phone and unlocking it. Louis quickly stood up. "Here you go you can sit down. No need to call her. Please sit." He said acting kinder now so she wouldn't call Becka. "Took you long enough" she said while putting her phone back in her pocket.
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