Secrets, Lies, and Affairs.

Perrie's life isn't going so well lately, I mean who's would if you caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends, but that was last year when she was a 10th grader. Now she is a junior and she is trying to turns things around. The year starts out great she meets Zayn Mailk, which is her crush, and everything is perfect to her. But Zayn and her start to become serious and they start to sneak around because Zayn has a girlfriend, but just not any other girl, the most popular girl of all, well what do you exspect from the star quaterback aka Zayn. Zayn is torn between chosing Perrie or popularity. Zayn has the power to save Perrie from depression but also has the power to put her in it. Will he give up everything he has worked for, for the girl he loves? I hope so.


15. How about Pepperoni

We where about half way to the pizza shop. Some good songs where on the radio, and just when I thought Perrie couldn't be anymore perfect she started to sing. Her voice was incredible, it was like nothing I have ever heard. So strong and beautiful. Quickly I realized that my eyes weren't on the road, I snapped out my thoughts and returned my attention to the road. We finally got to the pizza place. I got out of the car, and rushed over to her door and opened it. "6"she said while stepping out. "Once I reach to ten Iam going to stop counting." She said as she reached for her wallet. I quickly slapped it out of her hands making it fall to the floor board of the car. "Excuse you" she said in a sassy voice with a hint of playfulness. "I told you, my treat" I said while she was backing away from the door allowing me to close it. "OK, but since when was that a excuse for slapping something out of peoples hands" she said with the same amount of sass in her tone. "Haha OK. Lets just eat" I said while walking to the door. I quickly opened the door. "7...3 more." She said in a laughing tone. We walked in and went to the podium that said 'please wait to be seated'. We waited for like two minutes until the waitresses seated us. We took a booth, Perrie sat across from me. "So what can I get y'all to drink" the waitress asked. "Uuumm I'll have a sweet tea" Perrie said while opening the menu. "Me to" I said. I didn't really care what I was drinking I was just hungry. The waitress left to go get our drinks. "Hhhmmm so I think Alana hates me" Perrie said in a chuckle. "What makes you think that" I said while scooting closer to the wall. "Well I mean yesterday she seemed mad because you told her to apologize to me, and today she just got me a weeks worth of detention." She said sounding a little serious. "Yeah she can be very rude" I said while looking down. I don't know why, but I started to question why I was even dating her. I mean I don't really like her, she is rude and steps on everyone, especially Perrie and that pisses me off. Why do I stay with her any way she can be a royal witch with a capital B. "Yeah very rude" she said with a giggled, it quickly stopped. "Oh Iam sorry I don't mean to diss your girlfriend." She said in a apologetic tone. "No its OK I know what you mean" I said. "I don't mean to sound nosey but do you even like her?" She asked in a hushed tone. "To be honest not really." Her mouth drop when the words reached her ears. "Why are you dating her then?.......if you don't mind me asking." "Uuumm that's a touchy subject" I said while fiddling my thumbs. Its not that its a touchy subject it just that I don't know why Iam still dating her, maybe its that I don't want to change Iam just so use to my life right now, but I hate it. I want it to change, but Iam scared of change....uugghh I such a baby. Its was quite for a while until the waitress came back with our drinks. "Here you go....are y'all ready to order?" She asked while placing my drink in front of me. "Uuummm maybe in a few minutes" I told waitress. "OK" she said while walking away. "How about pepperoni?" Perrie asked. "Sure....sounds good." I said. I quickly flagged down the waitress. When she returned I told her what we wanted. "So that guy this morning... he's your ex right?" I asked. I already knew he was, but I just wanted to start a conversation. "Yeah" she said in a sigh. I could tell she was recalling something. "Well what happened exactly? If you don't mind me asking." I Said trying not to sound nosey, but I was. "Well you know that girl that was talking to me this morning." She said. "Yeah" I said recalling Perrie's action toward her this morning. "Well we were at a party last year, in fact I think it was Alana's mid semester party the one she normally has in the middle of second semester." She said adding a sigh after saying Alana. I could tell that Perrie didn't like her just by looking at her expression when she said her name. "Well me and Jared were making out" she said the last part in a disappointed tone. "In a room well he wanted to do things that I was just not ready to do, and he got mad because I told him no." She stopped. I could feel my anger rise a bit. Just the thought of him touching her made me want to punch him in the face as hard as I can. Ugh he disguises me, and to think he calls himself a man, he is a joke. My anger was getting worse just by thinking about it. "Well I left the room, and I was trying to find him to see if he was ok. Well I didn't find him down stairs so I went back up stairs and before I opened the door I noticed a 'do not disturb sign' on the door. I just thought he put it on there when we were in there." She said with her tone getting a little emotional. I could she it in her eyes that the next part was painful for her to remember. One tear started to roll down her eye. I leaned over and quickly wiped it away. "Hey you don't have to tell me" I said trying to make her feel better. "No its alright. Well I walked in and he was with that girl this morning." She said. I could tell her emotions where running wild on the inside, but she didn't show it on the outside. "I am so sorry." I said reaching for her hand. I grabbed it, and luckily she didn't pull away. "No its not your fault, but Iam glad you showed up when you did this morning" "Yeah I bet it must have been awkward for you when you where talking to him." I said squeezing her hand a little. She squeezed back. Her hands are so soft and the fit in mine like a missing puzzle piece. "Yeah it was. Today was a little bit of a bad day, but Iam glad I get to spend a week of detention with you" she said with her beautiful smile. Iam leaning towards the idea that we like each other a lot, but I not sure if I should say anything. What if I tell her that I like her, but she doesn't like me back then things would be awkward between us and she may not want to friends anymore. But if she does like me back than I could break up with Alana and be with her, but Alana would give her hell for the rest of her life and it would be all my fault. Ugh! I don't know what do to either I take a chance and tell her or I keep my mouth shut. If I don't do anything and it turns out she likes me then I could never forgive myself for being a idiot. Well that settles it. I am defiantly not going to be a idiot. "Perrie I have to tell you something" I said in serious tone. I cold see her face changing to a kinda scared look to the tone of my voice. "What?" She asked a in a nervous voice. I could tell that she thinks it something bad. "Its nothing bad I promise." Her face lighten up. "Its just that I really l....." I was interrupted by a boy behind me. "PERRIE" he yelled I turned behind me to see a brunette boy with a blue striped shirt. He kinda reminded me of a sailor. It took me a while to figure out who it was.
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