Why me?

Ellie was a just a normal 15 year old girl. Well at least she thought until one night 3 FBI agents came to take her away. Why did she get taken away? Well read to find out!!!!! Comment if i should update.


2. The visit

I woke up really late today. I slept because i could. Today was Saturday i was so happy. Saturdays and Sundays i don't get made fun of because no school and no girls and no pointing fingers or ugly stares. I went downstairs and my older brother Charlie and my mom were sitting on the couch. 

"Hello," I said sarcasticly.

"Oh sorry honey my mom said i didn't here you," said my mom. I just stared at her. I went to the fridge to get a cup of O.J.. I sat  on the couch with my brother and my mom. They were watching the news. It was talking about how the averages of kids getting taken by the government is growing every year. I giggled a little and then Charlie stared at me. This is ridiculous. Why would the government take kids. 

Later that day my moms boyfriend David came over for dinner. Then after dinner the doorbell rang. I went and opened the door. There were 3 large men in FBI suits." Emily come with us," one of them said. I slowly backed away. But then my vision of my mom was happening but in real life. 

"NO STOP DONT TAKE HER STOP PLEASE SHES JUST 15 PLEASE,"She was screaming it and crying. I felt really bad for her. Anyways as i was backing away all 3 agents grabbed me and put me in a black car with tinted windows. I started to get scared.

" Why'd you take me," I asked sternly.

" You'll find out later dr. Salmuthler will explain,"the agent next to said that. I was about an hour drive to the FBI headquarters. We finally got there. It was 9:30. I really miss my mom i wonder what she is doing right now. The agents told her not to come after me i do t know why though. Then suddenly i saw someone walk through a door.


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