Why me?

Ellie was a just a normal 15 year old girl. Well at least she thought until one night 3 FBI agents came to take her away. Why did she get taken away? Well read to find out!!!!! Comment if i should update.


1. School

 BEEP BEEP BEEP. I woke up exhausted from last night. Why? Well yesterday was my birthday and we had a huge party and it didn't end till 1:30a.m.. I got out of bed, got dressed , then went down stairs to eat breakfast." Good morning Ellie how'd you sleep." My mom asked. I didn't answer for a while. She doesn't know about the party. Well i think.

 "Fine,just fine," I said finally. For breakfast i had scrambled eggs and bacon. I said goodbye to my mom kissed her cheek then left for the bus. At the bus stop it was just me and this guy named Brad. We didn't talk much. But when we did it was really awkward. When bus got here i hurried on. I sat in an empty seat. No one sat or talked to me. Truth is i am not very pretty or friendly. People always think that i am autistic or something cause they give me this kind of look. Sometimes i actually think i am i have weird things happen in my brain.

 About noon i headed for lunch. I sat at a table with 5 other girls. But as soon as i sat down they rolled there eyes and went to a different table. I sighed. I ate in silence the whole time. When lunch was over i went to the rest of my classes. Later i got on my bus and sat alone again. It's the same cycle everyday. When i got home my mom was still at work. I went up to my room and for some reason i was having visions i saw my mom screaming, NO STOP DONT TAKE HER STOP PLEASE SHES JUST 15 PLEASE. She was crying too. That's all i saw i could not see anything else. I wonder what else was happening. I always knew i was special but i didnt know what I had or if i just halustinate. Like one time i saw a vision of my dad dieing and when I was 7 he died in combat. Later that night my mom said goodnight to me then she went downstairs to watch tv. I slowly fell asleep. I was thinking of my visions,dad,friends, my mom screaming. Why does this happen to me? Why me? Why?

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