Possibly Illegal

All Gracelyn and Adi expected was to spend the night at Kylie's house. That much included an all-night chick-flick marathon, devouring their own weight in chocolate and falling asleep with mascara smudges. But when Kylie creates different plans, Gracelyn and Adi's entire idea of having a 'girls night in' twists upside down. Crashing college parties and dancing on table tops are very top of the to-do list in Kylie's mind, but no one saw kidnapping and murders on the agenda.

Especially when the girls have more or less to do with them.


1. Gracelyn: Trust Issues




I had been begging for weeks, possibly months, to stay the night with Kylie. Every time I even uttered the word 'sleepover', my parents got all tense like I had just slapped them across the face.


I remember picking at my green beans during dinner one night, mustering up the courage to ask. It's not like my parents were prone to rejecting my social activities, and it's not like they didn't trust me. They just didn't trust Kylie. Which was equally worse, considering she was my best-friend.


"I'll talk to your father about it," my mom replied curtly, taking a stab at her roasted chicken. Translation: You're pushing it Gracelyn.


In the end though, they reluctantly gave in. I squealed with excitement and herded them both into a quick embrace, before scrambling up the stairs and dialing Kylie's number.


"They said yes," I said so fast it took a second for Kylie to respond, and when she did, she sounded just as surprised as I was.


"This is going to be epic."



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