Trouble In Paradise

Sara was your average teenage girl, she had great friends, not very popular, and made good grades throughtout her Junior Year. But, when summer break comes, and Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry go on a vacation with Sara, Maggie, Lisa, Clara and Jessie, but no adults, it turns out to be the opposite of what they expected. Join them on their journey of survival and love in Trouble in Pardise


1. Getting Ready!

Sara's POV- *Beep* *Beep* I hear my morning alarm go off. Today is the final day of my junior year in high school. Wow has the time passed. I decided to get up early and go to Starbuck's with my friends, so I sit up and wipe the sleep out of my eyes. I walk into the bathroom and hop in the shower. My parents and my 4-year old brother all share a bathroom downstairs, so I have my own. After my shower, I put my hair in a towel to towel dry, and I put on a light, aqua robe. I went to my closet and decided to wear a floral Hollister strapless dress that goes just above the knee. The flowers are green, red, and white and the rest of the dress is navy blue. I slip on a matching bra and panies and slowly put the dress over the towel on my head and put my robe over it. I walk back into the bathroom and blow dry the rest of my hair. I chose to curl my hair, and after, I did my makeup with a smokey eye from the Naked2 palette. I put on deodorant, lotion, and perfume, then walked back in to my room and slid on some white, paisley-designed TOMS. i grabbed my bag and phone and headed downstairs. I remebered I got up an hour early, so it was normal for my mom to walk out with only a robe on and a towel over her head (like mother like daughter!). "Where do you think you're going so early?" my mom asked. I told her how I was going to Starbuck's with my friends and she approved and told me to drive safe. I walked out the door, reached in my purse, grabbed my keys, and headed off to breakfast!

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