Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


12. The Hospital

I pulled into the Hospital Parking lot.  $11 to park?!? Crazy.... I payed and proceeded to go inside.  I looked at Tiffany she put on a fake smile... This was hard for me but I really like him... I don't know if he likes me the way I like him!

When we walked into the building with off white walls a smell of medicine wafted into my nose.  We asked where Harry Styles is and they directed us there.

a young woman in her twenties said, " Who are you?"

"Sarah and this is my friend Tiffany!"

"Um... I don't think that Tiffany can visit him right now but you need to, Sarah, right?"

"ya, and I cant do this without her, I think I have to go back home then...."  I said in my persuasive voice

"Alrighty then I guess she can come in" she said with a disappointed face

I walked in, Harry was peacefully sleeping, he had a bandage across his head, a sling, a cast on his leg,and a giant bandage on his other arm.  Well there goes his two week tour.  After thirty minutes of me and Tiffany sitting there I decided to call Harrys friends.  I was going to start with Niall, he would under stand.  I took Harrys phone out of his shoe lying next to the bed.  I found Niall in his contacts and dialed it... he didn't pick up.  So I called Liam... after three rings he picked up.

"ello Harry!! How was your date with Sarah?"  He shouted into the phone.  well that was going to be awkward...

"Well that's what I need to talk about with you, Harry!"  I said.  He seemed surprised

"Oh umm hi Sarah! Wazz up?"  He said slowly

"Well Harry is in the Hospita-"

He cut me off, "WHAT DID YOU DO??" he screamed into the phone

"nothing about three hours after we went to the movies... he got in a car crash. Im sorry!"

"its not your fault.  Should I come and see him?  What's his condition?"

"He is  un conscious, his arm is in a cast, his head has a bandage across it, his arm has another bandage on it, and his leg is In a cast."  I said in a sad voice it obviously came out across the phone

"Im sorry, Sarah, and I will be right over.  Looks like he wont be on our tour..."


We talked for a few more minutes and then we hung up.  I asked Tiffany if she wanted to go get something to eat or buy something.  She was bored so she came along.  Since we hadn't told a lot of people about what had happened, Harry's room was empty other wise he would have stuffed animals, flowers, and balloons every where.  I got him a turtle stuffed animal, the fancy cupcakes, and a few balloons.  Tiffany bought him a balloon that said Get Well!



Authors note.....

There will another chapter called Hospital part II


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