Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


10. The date

The day went by really fast, why does it happen to go fast when you wish it would go by really slow?  I got ready, I mays well look good.  I took a shower, blow dried and then curled (in large curls).  I put my eyeliner on, I did a smoky eye on my eyelid, and put on my One By One mascara.  I threw on my new summer dress and the pair of diamond earrings my dad gave me when I turned 16  (not to mention but I'm 18).

Authors note


I changed step dad to dad because I want it to make it more personal to me...  And im not 18....


End of Authors note...



I was putting some light pink lip stick on when the door bell rang.  Tiffany shouted, "I'll get it!"

Of course it was Harry.

"Hurry up Harry's waiting!!" Tiffany screamed, "Harry you can sit down." She pointed at the black leather couch in my family room.


I grabbed my purse and threw my miniature makeup bag in my purse, my phone, and my wallet.  I casually walked into my living room acting as if I didn't care about the date (even though I did!  I was going on a date with a guy that I didn't like!)


I said bye to Tiffany, I told her I was sorry for leaving but she stayed at my house.  I guess she likes it more than her own.  Harry led me out to his car, it was small and black, I gave him a look.  "How about we drive my car." I said

"fine," he said, "but I will drive."

"You think im going to trust you with my car?  Fine...."

"Great" he said


I handed him my keys, we walked into my garage.  The top of the car was already down, so he put the key in the car and we headed off.

We drove to the cinema.  There were so many movies some were older too, it was cool.

"Ted, Safe Haven, or The House at the End of the Street?"

Yes I thought, a man with a list he didn't dive into a romantic movie. "House at the End of the Street! I've been dying to see it even though it was out of movie theaters a while ago.... "

"hah... same.... I am glad you didn't pick one of the romantic movies, there always predictable and too gushy!" He said

"Ya, I was relieved when you gave me choices!"

We bought our tickets ( I offered but he insisted because he invited me.)  We were waiting in a line to get popcorn and drinks when a young girl around 9 came up to us and asked for Harry's autograph.  She handed him a pen after she came over people started to notice him, he signed a bunch of autographs.  He started getting annoyed and said, "Hey guys, I would love to give you all autographs but im just trying to have a nice night with my friend here, if its okay with you I would like to take a brake from being Harry Styles!  I hope im not rubbing off as mean! thanks!"  Everyone seemed to understand so the crowed left just in time for us to buy our food. Harry said, "one large popcorn... hey Sarah what do you want?"

"a small coke"

"A large coke and twizzlers...."  He said to the cashier

The cashier put a package of twizzlers on the counter, he filled up a large bucket with buttery popcorn, and filled a gigantic cup with coke.  Harry handed the cashier money and handed me the popcorn.  He went to get a straw for the soda but when he came back he had two straws... oh god...

"Lets go to theater 2 to... DUNDUNDUN..... House at the End of the Street." he said dramatically ,"If I get scared can I hold your hand?" he said with a smirk


We headed into the room.  The theater was empty, there wasn't a soul in the room and the movie was about to begin so we sat in the very back.  The movie began and it wasn't even slightly scary until the end.  Harry took my hand and I saw him look at me.  I squeezed his hand.  I hate to admit it but I think I just developed a crush on Harry!  I couldn't control putting my head on his shoulder.  I watched the movie.  We lingered in the theater after the movie was over I closed my eyes and fell asleep.  I felt Harry's strong arms pick me up. I let him carry me to the car when he put me on my seat and struggled to put the seatbelt on I opened my eyes, took the seat belt from him and clicked it in.  He looked at me with his big green eyes.  He ran around the front of the car and hopped in the seat and started to drive.

Then I noticed he was bringing me to a restaurant, it was a little café with sandwiches.  We both ordered and we started talking.  We started talking about Disney and he told me if he could be a character from a Disney movie he'd be Sebastian from the Little Mermaid.  I laughed at him and told him I would want to be Jasmine from Aladdin I explained how I loved that tiger...

Then out of no where Harry said, "You know what I like about you?  Your personality for sure, and your eyes and smile"

I blushed not knowing what to say.  He looked into my eyes as if he could see my soul through my eyes.  We talked for an hour then he said, at twelve, "Does Cinderella have to go home?"

"Ya I should probably get back and hang out with Tiffany!"

"okay" he left money on the table and we left.

he drove me home.  When he pulled into my driveway he parked then got out and opened my door for me. And closed the top of my car for me! What a gentleman!  He kissed me and then rain started falling from the sky.  I pulled back to run inside but he pulled me in again for a kiss.  Then he pulled away from me and un expectedly picked me up over his shoulder like I was a bag and carried me inside, I laughed like a hyena.  He put me down pecked my lightly on my lips and thanked me for an amazing night. And then left I heard his little car pull out of the drive way.  I ran up stairs and changed into sweats.  After I left my room I went to find Tiffany,  I saw her laying on the couch down stairs pretending to be asleep, she pretended not to see or hear anything but it was obvious when she faked it. I went over to her and "woke" her up.

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