Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


8. The conversation

" Um hi this is Sarah" I replied shocked

I guess I sounded too shocked! "Oh hey! Don't worry I'm not a creeper.  I'm sorry if I surprised you!  I haven't given a fan my number before-"

I cut him off, "What makes you think I'm a fan?"

I caught him off guard," Well... uhmm... you were at my concert in front row seats with a back stage pass!  Well no matter, just don't tell anyone this number.  If you do... I will track you down."  He said with a laugh

I cant believe I'm saying this but his voice sounded so sexy over the phone!

"Okay I wont!"  I snapped

" So I will be in town for a few weeks.... I was wondering if you would want to come see a movie with me tomorrow? "

"Ahhahah!!" said Tiffany

I quickly looked at her with a scornful face that said what the hell!

"Who is that with you?"  Harry said in his sexy voice

"oh well umm... we ppromised each other that if we ever got a number slipped in our pockets, we would get together and call them together! We promised!"  I said with a whine

"okay!  So is the date on?"

The word DATE echoed in my ear!

"Sure! What time?"  I pretended to be calm

"seven I will pick you up just text me you address"

"Alrightly! see you then!"


          Tiffany looked at me and she screamed she was shocked!

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