Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


7. The call

            Tiffany's mom was going to drive me home.  Tiffany was going to stay at my house. On the drive home I fished in my pocket to get my phone and the keys to my house.  As I pulled out my keys, a crumpled piece of paper was tangled on it.  I unrolled it, it was a number.  It was unfamiliar... it was probably some bored boy that was at the concert.  I tapped Tiffany on the shoulder, I showed her the paper she giggled.  Her mom looked back at us which made us giggle more. She gave us a look that said I am not going to ask but stay out of trouble.  We gave each other a look which meant we would call the number when we got to my house and were all alone.

         Tiffany's mom dropped us off at my house. I helped carry Tiffany's pink duffle bag and a few other bags.  When we got inside we dropped the bags and ran up to my room... we flopped on my queen sized bed.  We looked at each other and I took out my phone.  We dialed up the number...  it only took two rings for the person to pick up.

"Hello?" said a boy with a familiar british accent

Oh my gosh... I thought as the realization hit me.

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