Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


11. Talking

Tiffany's POV

I was shaken awake by Sarah, she had a wild grin on her face I was guessing she had a great time.  "So wacha two do?" I said waggling my eyebrow

she laughed at my ridiculous face. "We went to a movie and then went to a little café."

The thunder rolled out side.  I can tell when she's keeping something from me and I saw it in her eyes.  "c'mon!!! You can trust me!"

"really nothing more happened!" she said.  It was almost convincing until I saw the same twinkle in her eyes as she did before.

"Okay... I wouullldddd believe you but I see it in your eyes.  You know I know something else happened.... and why is your hair soaking wet?!"  I held out my would to persuade her (she's stubborn)

"Finnnee! He kissed me..." she said, "in the rain!"

"awwww so romantic"

"ahaahaha... so funny" she said in a sarcastic voice  "So wacha wanna do....?" She added.  She obviously didn't want to talk about it!

"Movie time? I'll make popcorn!" I said

"Okay! Double movie night! sounds like a plan!  I'll find a movie!"

we decided to watch TED.  The thunder was perfect... It added a lot of effect to the Thunder Song!  It was fun, we painted our nails, put facial masks and hung out.



Harry's POV

I backed out of the drive way only thinking about me and her.  She didn't seem to like me the way I like her.  I don't think she knows how I feel about her.  I don't know what to do. I was driving around , it was about three hours after our date, I drove around aimlessly.  I was pulling around the corner near my apartment building when the car hit me.   Every thing went black.



Sarah's POV

We had just finished the movie and were sitting on the couch.  Tiffany and I started to Skype Kate.  We were talking about what we were going to do when she came over.  Tiffany looked at me and said, "Why don't you tell her?"

"Tell me WHAT?"  Kate said quickly

the thunder rolled and lightning struck.

"Uhh... Ummm.... well I guess I gotta tell you... well so know how you LOVE One Direction?  Well I went to one of there concerts with Tiff and well... Harry sipped his number in my pocket!  I didn't know 'till I got home.  Me and Tiff called it and it wound up being Harry!  We went on a date about three hours ago..." I said not knowing what her reaction would be

"That's so cool! I hope he treats you well if he doesn't, I'm going to pound his face in." She said with a wild grin!

That's when I got the call...

"Hello?" I said.  It was Harry's number

"Hello this is the Santa Barbara police.  This number was the first in favorites so we are calling you," a man said ,"I'm guessing you are close to Harry Styles? Well I was calling to tell you that he was hit by a car.  He will be going to the hospital, can you meet us there?"

"Uh... Harry? Are these your friends?  This isn't funny!" I said in a stressed voice.  Tiff looked at me and Kate looked confused on the computer screen

"No this is the Santa Barbara Police.  Now if you cant make it to the hospital than we will have to call someone else.  Harry is at the hospital now, he is un conscious."

"Yes I will be right there!"

It was three thirty.  I told Tiffany and Kate what happened.  Kate hung up and told me to go.  Tiffany asked if she wanted me to come.

"Only if you want to" I said to Tiff

"I will come!"

We ran outside with our pajamas on.  I put the keys in my orange jeep wrangler and drove out of the driveway and to the hospital.




Authors note:

Hey guys!! I was wondering what you think of this!  Tell me your opinions, I don't mind critic!  Thanks!  And comment please!  If you guys help me get more people to read this I will.... WOAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giant crack of thunder right there.. HAha! yep it was thundering and lightning while I was writing this!......any ways I will do anything, you name it !please help!














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