Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


3. Concert Day

           I woke up to the lovely sound of my phone going off.  And guess who it was... Tiff.   Of course she wasn't able to sleep so she was coming over way before school starts (4 o'clock a.m.!!)  She insisted and since my mom and dad just left the night before for their anniversary it wouldn't be a problem.

          Fifteen minutes later I heard the door open, "I'm home!" Tiffany shouted from the front hall.  Her voice echoed off of the high ceiling.  I layed in bed as she ran up to my room.  I told her she should go to sleep in my sisters old room.  But she insisted to talk.


         After school, Tiffany came back to my house with her stuff for the concert.  Her mom was going to drive us to the concert. We got ready for the concert... I chose to wear  my dark jeans.  I threw on my blue toms and was ready for the concert.  On the other hand Tiffany was not.  It took her another hour to be ready.

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