Sarah, an eighteen year old girl, is dragged to a one direction even though she hates One Direction! Her friend, Tiffany, scores them front row tickets and back stage passes. But what she doesn't know is there will be a competition! Will she or Tiffany win? Will she fall for one of the boys? or will she go on hating them? Read to find out...


5. Back Stage

             Back Stage it was just Tiffany and me, It happened to be that they were going to film a contest for a kiss from Harry Styles.  I looked at Tiffany when we found out, it looked like she had just seen a ghost.  I know how much this means to Tiffany so I desided I would let her win.  Anyways I don't like Harry Styles.  She looked at me and in a jokingly voice she said, "Its on!"

I laughed and she laughed back.  It was kind of exciting.  Harry was going to be the one to ask s questions.  We had five minutes to get ready.  I thought to myself that what ever happened I would let Tiffany win.  Soon enough the five minutes was up.  We sat down at a table where we would write our answers down and then say them out loud.  Harry asked us, " Are you ready?"

We both nodded.

"First lets start off with something easy, What's my middle name?"

How was I supposed to know that?  So I wrote down Scott while Tiffany wrote down Edward... She was correct.  Yes! She was one question ahead of me to win!  All I wanted for her was to win.

Then Harry looked at me our eyes locked for a second.  I felt my stomach curl up into a knot.

"What is my favorite animal?"

I remember Tiffany say that he like all animals but was fond of cats and dogs, so I stayed clear of that answer I wrote down Turtle.

That happened to be  a mistake when Tiffany wrote down dog and got it wrong... we were tied, I needed to loose for her.

Harry winked at me...  I wasn't sure if I was mistaken but it seemed weird, right?  I'm not even a fan...

"What pre-school did I go to?"

What? What question is that... I decided to choose the pre-school that my cousin who is four attends in England which is called Happy Days... on the other hand Tiffany wrote down Tiny Town... I knew she was stuck... we both were...

"Whoa... How do you know so much about me?" Asked Harry

"That was a guess, both of these were... I uh...umm... --my little cousin goes there now..... uh....uh... he's three."  I stuttered.

He laughed

 I was so nervous I was going to win. There were two more questions left...

"At school what was my nick name?"

I had no clue so I wrote HarHar...  when the boys heard what I wrote they broke out in laughter.  I sat there  awkwardly.  Tiffany smiled when she got it right... with Hazza.  Now was the time for the last question... If I got it right I won if she did she won.

"Would I date a fan?"

When I heard this I thought no of course not so I wrote yes.  Tiffany wrote no and when I relised she had gotten it was wrong I was stunned... How could I have won if I was competing against my friend, who was the biggest One Direction fan!

When they told me he would kiss me for three seconds I thought of the three seconds Tiffany would be in pain for.  I asked if she could be the one who got the kiss but they said no... sadly Harry liked this, how I would give it up for my best friend.

He kissed me.  I was counting...

1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi

4 Mississippi

5 Mississippi


WHAT THE HELL HE HELD... even though the timer went off.   I heard Louis and Niall whoot... and I heard Liam whistle... they broke out into laughter.

I looked at Tiffany... I saw her smile.


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