My Love <3

Olivia And Harry Have Just Started Dating And You Didn't Know He Was In One Direction. One day When You Are Having A Date You See Paparazzi And Ask Harry Whats Going On. Read The Story To Find Out More :D


1. Chapter 1: Me In The Story \ A/N

Hi Im Olivia. Im Not Good At Explaining myself but here it goes.                                                                                       I Am 17 Years Old and I Am Chubby. I Have Brown Curly Hair and brown eyes.

Im Not that tall for my age but i wish i was taller. 

I Live With My Foster Parents. They Abuse ME and hate me. i hate them. 

So This Is Just A Little Blurb Of Me  :)






Hellooo :) Um This is my first movella so I Really Would like no hate.

please if you have any ideas i will read them but i have my own little idea for a while.

if u want me to read your movellas just comment the tittle in the comments!

And i need a nickname for you guys.... I Know This IS My First Movella But.............OH WELL!!! HATERS GUNNA HATE!!!!!!!!!! Comment Nickname ideas in te comments! Bye!

P.S I Will Start Once I Get A Nickname!!!! BYE!!!!!!


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