I'll Follow You Into The Dark

This is the continuation to 'The Unknown <3' It's were Harry finally get to see Nebula. -Is going to be written on both nebula's and Harry's POV but mostly on Nebula's


9. Chapter 9

2 loud voices woke me up. I open my eyes and saw that Harry wasn't in bed with me anymore. I cursed guessing that the two men arguing was Lucas and Harry I turn invisible and then walk through the door to see them to giving each other death glares.

"Harold I won't let you take her. She's my price possession and even more then that I love her" Wow "Your just treating her like another one of your weapons. She's not your minion you know?" Harry paused "You don't love her your jut afraid she would go and finally realized she's more powerful you would ever be" "Watch your mouth she Might be more powerful then me but I'm more powerful then you are! I can kill you as easy as backing a pie! Anyways She already has the title of my queen she just needs to claim it" his voice sounding threatening. I should stop this now. I wouldnt want them to hurt each other.

Harry smile. "I'm strong enough to escape you" Lucas didn't like that respond his hand start to form a ball. I start to stretch my protected shill so it would reach Harry. "What the fuck ?how come your not in the ground screaming from pain slowly dying" Lucas and Harry both gave a confused look. Act as cool and chill as you can "You guys are boring" I said looking at my nails trying to be cool. "Nebula" I heard Lucas say my name. I put on a serious face. "Lucas I have important stuff to talk to you about. For the sake of our people I must talk to you as soon as possible." While I was in the blackout I remember something I had forgotten to talk about with him. He nodded "Then let's go"

"Wait Nebula..." I know what he wanted . He wanted to come but this wasn't his business. Usually when theres problems is only me and Lucas that discuss things and try to find a solution. Me and him. This didn't concerned anybody else plus if it was something dangerous only me and Lucas had the real power to go against it. "No Harry" I said in a serious voice. "NEBU-" I turn around then I push him against the wall "Obey...Stay" I'm sorry Harry I would never had wanted to control your mind but what am I going to tell Lucas might put you in danger and I couldn't put you in danger. My eyes stop Glowing. Harry stood there motionless while me and Lucas walk to the main room. -Where the throwns were-

Matthew open the big door for us. Matthew wasn't Much of a vampire if I say so he can only move things with his mind like telepathy or some shit like that.

"Lucas There back" I said with concern in my voice. His eyes widend "You don't mean..." "Yes Vampire hunters." I said before he could finish my sentence "When I went to Australia I was face to face with one" "Why didn't you tell me before. I wouldn't has send you out there anymore if you had told me" damn he treats me like I couldn't defend myself. I ran vampire speed to him. Then stop and had only like 5 inches of distance between us. I walk and hug him. He hug back. Then parted away he was still holding me. I put my hands in his chest. His face was blank no expression at all. "Don't worry about Me. I can take care of myself more then you think don't underestimate me. If my life is taken away some day is for a reason my time on earth had to come to and end" I said gently I was being true to myself and to him I'm immoral I can't be kill like normal people could. But take of my head and my so call life is over. "I know your strong and can protect yourself but I still worry about you Nebula. Plus don't talk about your life being over I won't let that happen and if I have to put my life on the line to save yours I will" His words made me smile. I havent had a real smile in a while. I missed this feeling. Of feeling love and care for somebody. He has tell ne many times he wouldn't let anybody hurt me but this time was different this time he meant it. "Tell me what happen" This broke the sweet loveable atmosphere.

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